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Who Is Cindy Crawford's Son? Presley Gerber Fights Back Against Haters Who Criticize Him For Getting A Face Tattoo

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Who Is Cindy Crawford's Son? Presley Gerber Fights Back Against Haters Who Criticize Him For Getting A Face Tattoo

Supermodel Cindy Crawford's son is making headlines for his new facial ink, and now, he's letting everyone know that he won't take their criticism. 

Apparently, Presley Geber, her son with businessman Rande Gerber, recently shared his new tattoo on Instagram, and the backlash has been real — it's definitely gotten people talking.

But who is Cindy Crawford's son? Here's everything fans need to know about Presley Gerber and his new face tattoo.

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1. Gerber shared his tattoo on Instagram last week. 




A post shared by Presley Gerber (@presleygerber) on Feb 7, 2020 at 4:26pm PST

Geber's tattoo was done by Jon Boy — an artist that has inked a lot of celebrities — and Gerber was proud to show it off online. The 20-year-old's new tattoo says "Misunderstood" across his right cheek, and his followers immediately took to the comments to share that they weren't too impressed by his latest addition to his collection. 

"You'll regret that decision VERY soon," said one commenter, while another added, "Are you really that misunderstood? Having all the money at your disposal is never a good thing in life. You must be so bored. Hope you do something good in the future with it." 

2. After he received backlash, he took to Instagram Live to tell everyone how he felt.

Although his broadcast has since disappered, Gerber went live on his Instagram to respond to the hate, letting people know that it's pretty meaningful to him, even if they don't like it. 

“If I thought this was going to ruin my face or I didn’t want this, I wouldn’t have done it. I think that’s a pretty obvious thing,” Gerber said during the broadcast, adding, "It says misunderstood, because that’s how I felt my entire life." 

3. But who is Cindy Crawford's son? Gerber is a model, just like his famous mom. 

It seems like his career as a model may have been part of what made people so surprised that he'd get a facial tattoo — after all, most models need to keep their canvas clear! But it's obviously not a problem for Gerber, who currently has a campaign with the clothing brand SuperDry. On their website, his bio says he lives in Los Angeles and describes him as "the classic American heartthrob who loves extreme sports and adventure." 

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4. Gerber loves to travel. 


A post shared by Presley Gerber (@presleygerber) on Jan 24, 2020 at 6:14pm PST

In an interview from 2019, Gerber admitted that while he didn't originally see himself following in his mom's footsteps, now, he loves modeling, especially when it gives him the opportunity to travel.

“I definitely had no idea I was going to model. I knew I wanted to start a business. I thought I was going to go to college till about senior year [in high school] and then I started modelling. It introduced me to a whole new world and I’m kind of taking it from there,” he said. “The thing I enjoy most [about modelling] I’d say, is the travel. By now I have been to a lot of places but I still like it a lot and I still have Australia on my list of places that I’d like to visit."

5. In 2018, Gerber was arrested on DUI charges. 

In December 2018, Gerber was arrested for speeding while driving his Tesla around in Beverly Hills. But in July of 2019, Gerber was able to strike a plea deal, agreeing to plea no contest to driving while under the influence. This meant that he was sentenced to 3 years probation, as well as having to complete community service and a DUI program. 

6. Gerber isn't Crawford's only child. 

Crawford also has another child with husband Rande Gerber — Kaia Gerber, who is now 18 years old and signed with DNA Models. We have a feeling Crawford must be a pretty proud mom, knowing that her children decided to join the same business she was in and that they've both found some serious success in it ... even though she has yet to make a public statement on her son's new addition to his face.

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