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Are Cindy Crawford And Rande Gerber Getting Divorced? New Details On The Split Rumors

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Are Cindy Crawford And Rande Gerber Getting Divorced? New Details On The Split Rumors

This morning, Radar is reporting that super-couple Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber are on the verge of a divorce! Oh no! If these two can't make it, what hope is there for the rest of us? In all seriousness though, the reason they seem to think the Crawford-Gerbers are divorcing is because 52-year-old Cindy was seen out and about without her wedding ring. Cindy and 56-year-old Rande have been married for more than 20 years and have two children, 19-year-old son Presley and 17-year-old daughter Kaia. Both children have followed in their mom's footsteps and become models. Radar's source claims that Cindy and Rande "have been together for a long time, but they have grown apart." Are Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber getting divorced? Let's look at the evidence we know so far. 

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1. The evidence

Radar is citing the sale of a number of Crawford-Gerber owned properties and businesses as evidence the couple is getting their ducks in a row, In June, they sold their $45 million Malibu estate. In 2016, they sold their Cabo San Lucas property. And, in 2017, Rande and his BFF George Clooney sold their tequila company Casamigos for a stunning $1 billion. People reportedly close to the couple believe that they might file for divorce by the end of the year. 

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2. At odds over the kids

Allegedly, Cindy and Rande are also at odds over their kids following in Cindy's modeling footsteps. Cindy has been excited about it, but Rande wanted them to have a normal childhood. "He worked hard so they wouldn't have to deal with the pressure of pursuing modeling careers." Now that is a pretty dumb statement in general, since the family's general wealth means the Crawford-Gerber kids don't really have the same pressure as aspiring models from more modest backgrounds. Rande also dabbled in modeling when he was younger, before he got into the nightclub and tequila businesses. 

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3. Their explosive history

The Crawford-Gerbers are set for life financially, which removes a lot of the stress relationships can face. However, "friends" apparently worry that their history could result in an ugly and expensive divorce. Back in 2009, a former employee accused Gerber of sexual harassment. Also, his female staff reportedly called him "Mr. Hands On." Gerber denied the claims, but insiders say there's been lingering trust issues since that time. Supposedly, a 2013 episode during which Cindy was drunk, flirting with musicians at the Malibu Inn, and blurted out "My marriage is over" is directly related to the sexual harassment claims against Gerber and the toll they took on their relationship. 


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4. Last ditch efforts?

Rande and Cindy reportedly took the kids to Miami for a family trip and to recover some of their spark but that didn't happen, according to Radar's source. With the kids grown, Cindy and Rande seem to have outgrown each other. 

5. So, is it true?

Nope! It isn't true! In fact, the exact same rumor and supposed "evidence" also made the rounds over the summer. A rep for Cindy Crawford responded to an inquiry from Gossip Cop to debunk the rumor that she and Rande Gerber are heading for divorce court. The rep said, on the record: “None of it is true except that they did sell a property.” Of course, it goes without saying that selling a home (or two) is not evidence of an impending divorce. As for the issue of Rande not loving that Presley and Kaia are models, that's also a load of made-up B.S. Cindy and her kids were recently at Paris Fashion Week as ambassadors for luxury watch brand Omega. Gerber got on stage to thank the watch company for employing his family, joking, “Because now I can retire. They’re all working.” It doesn't look like Gerber has any issues with his kids embracing the modeling world.


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