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Pete Davidson And Kaia Gerber Confirm They're Dating — But Is He Using Her?

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Are Pete Davidson And Kaia Gerber Dating? Yes — But Is He Using Her?

Every mother in the world has nightmares that their daughter may some day end up with a bad boy. And there’s no telling what trouble young teens can get into, particularly if they’re from a famous family.

Model Cindy Crawford may just be living that reality, because rumors are swirling that her daughter may be dating an older man known for his whirlwind dating life. And, allegedly, using her only daughter to further his own career.

So, are Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber dating? 

Gerber just turned 18 in September. Since she was 10 years old, she’s been modeling, and has landed gigs with Versace, Vogue, and Pop Magazine. She’s also walked the runway for Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Prada, Chanel, Fendi, and Coach.

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Davidson, on the other hand, has been a cast member on Saturday Night Live since 2014. Though many knew his name from the comedy sketch show, others solely know him as Ariana Grande’s ex-fiancé. Following their split, he worried fans and even Grande after posting tweets insinuating he would take his own life. ​

He eventually moved on and casually dated actress Kate Beckinsale for two months before getting together with Margaret Qualley, the daughter of Andie McDowell. He and Qualley broke up on October 17.

Basically, he may have already jumped into a new relationship and seems to have an affinity for dating the daughters of famous women — or famous women themselves. Davidson also dated Larry David’s daughter, Cazzie, for two years, before dumping her for Grande.​

Over the last few months, Davidson and Gerber have been spotted together. 

Back on October 23, Davidson was spotted leaving Gerber’s apartment building. Though another source claims the two are “just friends” and were even spotted in New York City together over the summer, they also attended the Alexander Wang fashion show in June. 

On October 21, a fan spotted them together at Sadelle’s in NYC. “They were having lunch and laughing together as they ate. Pete appeared happy to be with Kaia, and she seemed like she was into Pete, though there was no PDA. As they left, they put on sunglasses and their hoods so no one would spot them. A fan held the door open for them as they walked out,” said a witness.

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Just a month later, the two have been seen together on numerous occasions, fueling more speculation that they aren't "just friends" as some sources claim.

In mid-Novemver, Davidson brought Gerber to a Saturday Night Live afterparty, where they were seen leaving the studio together and then going back to Gerber's apartment around 3 AM. According to a source, "Throughout the night, they were very affectionate and flirtatious with one another. At one point in the evening, Pete and Kaia were alone together in the back of the restaurant, in one of the booths. They were laughing with each other and exchanging flirtatious touches."

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Davidson also celebrated his 26th birthday with his cast mates at L’Avenue and Le Chalet, and earlier in the day, before the show, Gerber brought a cake from Magnolia Bakery to set.

In addition to canoodling at an afterparty, the rumored couple took a trip to Syracuse, New York together. They were spotted holding hands as they walked through town and went grocery shopping. And just a few days later, on November 18th, Davidson and Gerber were seen packing on the PDA and sharing a smooch during a Charlotte Lawrence concert at Webster Hall in New York City.

According to a source and fellow concert-goer, "Pete and Kaia seemed playful and happy, but also tried to remain low-key, viewing the concert from the upstairs balcony mostly out of sight. The two shared a long kiss, but appeared embarrassed when the crowd below began to take notice of them. They seemed to be getting along very well, and are starting to coordinate their outfits."

So, this basically confirms that Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber are in a relationship, or at least seeing each other exclusively.

But there are claims that, in the past, Crawford has had to worry that her daughter may be hanging out with the wrong people. Back in 2017, Crawford was allegedly furious that Kaia had been hanging out with Kendall Jenner and the Kardashian family, and would even possibly appear on the series.

Said a source, “[Kaia] thinks they walk on water and that by appearing on the show she’s taking a sure-fire step towards mega-stardom! [Cindy is] worried about her being corrupted into the bad girls club. The thought of her baby girl buddying up with their hangers-on like Bieber, Brown, and Disick gives her genuine nightmares. [Cindy] knows it’s a battle she’ll probably lose sooner or later, but wants to fight it every step of the way as long as she can.”

Crawford may have cause to worry about Davidson, due to his stint in rehab and being a drug user for over 10 years. However, there's another big reason Kaia's mom may need to pull the reigns on this relationship.

There have been recent rumors that Davidson may not actually be interested in dating Gerber, but that he's really just using her to move his career forward. “He’s shamelessly dropping Kaia’s name as a way into all the celeb parties to schmooze with the big Hollywood producers,” a source said.

The source went on to explain that Davidson really wants to "make it big in the movies" and often brags about his plans for becoming a big star, acting "arrogant and immature" around his colleagues.  

It was also revealed that Gerber is far from the first high-profile woman he's attempted to use to further his career. “He’s done this with all the famous ladies he’s dated, and everyone thinks it’s a joke,” the same source revealed.

Hopefully, Kaia has a good head on her shoulders and will recognize if someone is using her for fame.  

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