30 Best 'Game Of Thrones' Memes From Season 8 Thus Far

Everyone's got the Westeros fever!

30 Best 'Game Of Thrones' Memes From Season 8 Thus Far getty

With just one more episode to go before the series finale of HBO's landmark show, Game of Thrones, celebrities are taking to their various social media sites to share their favorite memes based on the show. Everybody's got the fever for Westeros, and for good cause! Whatever your opinion of the final season of the show, it's clear that we'll be talking about Game of Thrones for years to come. 

Let's share some of our favorite memes from some of our favorite celebrities. 


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1. Bran Can Haz Memes

There's nothing more endearing than a celebrity who doesn't take himself seriously. Such is the case with Isaac Hempstead Wright, the actor who has played Bran Stark on Game of Thrones since the beginning of the series. Rather than view himself as an artiste! who needs to study his craft and remain distant on social media, Wright has used his Twitter account to share some of his favorite memes from the show. 

In fact, he even sent a tweet requesting memes for his visual pleasure. 

The Thrones fandom, bless them, has more than delivered, but Wright clearly has a favorite that he'd shared not long ago. 


2. Sansa Can Haz Memes 2?

Like her on-screen brother, Sophie Turner — who plays Sansa Stark — has used her Twitter page to share her favorite Game of Thrones memes. Given Sansa's behavior this season — especially when she went head-to-head to Daenerys [Emilia Clarke] — there's been no shortage of snark at Sophie's character's expense. 

Fortunately, Turner's taking it all in stride, and shared this meme (which was from the Rolling Stone cover shoot that she'd shared with Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark) as one of her favorites. 


3. For Missandei, the best revenge is laughter.

Nathalie Emmanuel, the actress who played Missandei on Game of Thrones, met a rather unfortunate fate in the fourth episode of the season. But the Fast and the Furious actress took it all in stride, and even shared a meme of her own. 

4. Baby Stark...Do do do do do do...

We apologize in advance to all the parents who thought that they would finally get the "Baby Shark" earworm out of their heads. You can, however, thank famed British gamer Crimson Frenzy for this hilarious meme that seamlessly blends Game of Thrones with that song that refuses to die. 


5. Grey Worm brings the smoke.

Raleigh Ritchie, who plays Grey Worm on Game of Thrones, is getting ready to launch his musical career after the show goes off the air. But before he goes, he'd like you all to know that Cersei — and the rest of you — can get all the smoke for Missandei's fate. 

6. Now that's just savage. 

Sports writer Keith Wozniak keeps it simple and to the point. 


7. BossLogic shows why he's running the mashup game.

BossLogic is one of the best digital artists in the game today. Sure, there are plenty of imitators — but there are, literally, no duplicators. If your artwork isn't being done by BossLogic, it isn't being done properly, period

And BossLogic shows that he's got a sense of humor with his Game of Thrones meme mashups with Scarface.


8. dAeNyRyS iS a SmElLyHeD

Bustle's lifestyle editor Emma Lord got her Game of Thrones meme game on with a reference to Mean Girls thrown in for good measure. 

9. SpongeBob HellPants

Mashable writer Proma Khosla snarked on poor Jon Snow [Kit Harrington] with a Spongebob meme. 


10. I mean, can you blame her?

Dany finally lost the last tether of goodwill when Cersei killed Missandei. So, as former Obama adviser and current Teach for America community alliances VP Brittany Packnett points out in her Game of Thrones meme, King's Landing had it coming. 

11. Snitches get stitches. 

Varys has long been the Westeros resident washwoman — always with his nose in everyone's business but his own. So, Crooked Media podcaster Ira Madison III made sure we all knew what Varys's business was for a change. 


12. "Hey, I'm here for...Air-Ee-Yah?"

Rapper oddCouple (Zach Henderson to his nearest and dearest) contributed a bit of Uber shade to his Game of Thrones meme, and the results were hilarious.

 13. That time when Aaron Rodgers guest-starred on Game of Thrones.

Sports journalist Lily Zhao thought football star Aaron Rodgers was kidding when he told her that he was making a special guest appearance on Game of Thrones. The fact that he wasn't — and that she found out on the premiere night of "The Bells" episode — was the basis for her meme.


14. Miss Jay is all of King's Landing.

Huffington Post front-page editor Philip Lewis used one GIF to describe the whole of King's Landing — and it was perfect. 


15. That time the cute Property Brother gave an open-concept to King's Landing. 

Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott has become known for his "open-concept" designs. So, when Dany gave an open-concept to King's Landing with the help of Drogon, it made sense that the HGTV star (and longtime Game of Thrones fan) would get in on the meme fun.


16. And that time a longtime Property Brothers fan owned the meme game.

After Jonathan Scott asked his fans to share their best Game of Thrones memes, longtime Property Brothers fan Helen Kim shared that while she'd never seen an episode of the show, she could do her best with what she did know. And, perhaps inadvertently, she shared the best fan-created meme of all. 

17. When that good-good goes bad-bad.

Women get a little, eh, angry when they aren't sexually fulfilled, and Emmy-nominated director Xavier Burgin noted that our favorite Khaleesi might have been suffering from a penile dearth when she smoked King's Landing. 


18. Not all heroes ride dragons. 

Vice editor Sara David is one of the few people who view Dany as a hero of sorts. (There's some logic there...)

19. Philip Lewis is the real MVP. 

There are some journalists who bring pride to the game, and Huffington Post front-page editor Philip Lewis is one such journalist. His Game of Thrones meme game was on point.


20.-26. Thrones, Y'all

Few Game of Thrones podcasts really have a grasp on the show quite like the Binge Mode podcast.  And they produced a series of memes that were nothing short of amazing. 

27. Don't you...forget about me...

NY Magazine critic Craig Jenkins — known as Craig Bro Dude on Twitter — got into the Game of Thrones meme game with a bit of 1980s nostalgia. 


28. Miss Jay is all of King's Landing, Part 2

Poetess Eve Ewing loves to live-tweet Game of Thrones, and her meme game is on point, too. 

29. That Ish Cray

Actor Lucas Rush, best known for his work on stage in Jesus Christ Superstar and Rock of Ages, tried his hand at the Game of Thrones meme-game too. 


30. Poor Tyrion

Fox News reporter Melissa Reid summed up the penultimate Game of Thrones episode with just one meme.

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