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Is Scarlett Johansson Pregnant With Colin Jost's Baby? Oscars Red Carpet Dress Sparks Rumors

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Is Scarlett Johansson Pregnant With Colin Jost's Baby? Oscars Red Carpet Dress Sparks Rumors

Even though there's a school of thought that suggests that it's invasive and rude to try to determine if a woman is, indeed, pregnant, curiosity will always be a thing in the celebrity world. And so, when Scarlett Johansson walked the red carpet with her hunky beau — Saturday Night Live comedian Colin Jost — in tow, the Internet was aflutter with speculation about the status of her uterus and its potential resident. 

The question, of course, begs itself: is Scarlett Johansson pregnant? 

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Let's break down what we know about whether or not she is, indeed, expecting. 

1. Is Scarlett Johansson pregnant? She and Colin Jost are engaged, but it's unclear if they're expecting a child. 

Johansson and Jost first got together back in 2017, and in May of 2019, the couple announced their engagement. So, it makes perfect sense that the duo would walk down the Oscars 2020 red carpet together. And while Johansson didn't look any more, or less, pregnant that she has in the past, speculation about her pregnancy was, of course, flying from the minute she walked the red carpet. 

2. Johansson has a daughter from her previous marriage. 

Even though, as of this moment, neither Johansson nor Jost has announced that they're expecting children, Johansson has a daughter named Rose from her previous marriage to French advertising executive Romain Dauriac. Dauriac was Johansson's second husband; she was married to him from 2014 until 2017. Before Dauriac, Johansson was married to Ryan Reynolds from 2008 until 2011. 

3. Johansson was pregnant with her daughter while she was filming Avengers: Age of Ultron

While it was pretty well-known that Johansson was pregnant with Dauriac's daughter while she was filming Avengers: Age of Ultron, there is one scene in particular in which fans of Marvel movies can see, for themselves, just how far along she really was during the taping. An intrepid fan shared a screenshot of the unedited version of Johansson in her full "Black Widow" gear, and everyone can see that she's really, really pregnant. 

4. There are some conflicting dates as to when Johansson and Jost started dating. 

According to Jost, he met Johansson in 2006, when she first hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live. Jost said that they've "known each other since then," which means it's unclear if they were dating or just friends at the time. However, according to Johansson, she and Jost didn't meet until 2010. Regardless of when they met, they both agree that they started dating in 2017, when Johansson appeared on Saturday Night Live again. 

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5. They got engaged in May 2019. 

After a year and a half of dating — during which time they met each other's families, had several dates as a "family" (which included Johansson's daughter with Dauriac), and even went "red carpet official" — Johansson and Jost announced that they were engaged in May 2019. "Scarlett likes Colin’s sarcasm and wit. They share a love for acerbic humor and outrage at social issues gone bad. They have much in common," her representative said, at the time of their engagement.

6. Neither Johansson nor Jost has confirmed they're expecting. 

Despite speculation and rumors, neither Johansson nor Jost has confirmed that they're expecting a baby. However, we will keep you posted if, and when, that changes, of course! 

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