Who Is Mya's Husband? Singer Secretly Gets Married In The Seychelles

Mya married a mystery man without fans ever being the wiser.

Who Is Mya's Husband? Singer Secretly Gets Married In The Seychelles Getty Images

Doing anything in secret as a celebrity is no small task, but this lady managed to get married without anyone finding out.

Yep, it's official — Mya is a married woman, and it seems like she actually has been for a couple of months now ... and somehow, no one ever had a clue.

So who's Mya's husband? That's a hard question to answer at this point, since his identity is as secret as their wedding, but here's what we know so far.


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1. News just broke that Mya is married — without many details to go along with it.

According to a source close to the R&B singer, she secretly got married in the Seychelles in December, which means not only has she been married for at least two months, but she's also managed to keep it a secret for that long, which is obviously an impressive feat. It seems like they got married on the beach on a beautiful day, and unfortunately, that's just about the end of the details that are out there about the 40 year old's wedding so far. Bummer! 


2. A photo of her in her wedding dress has also surfaced.



A post shared by TMZ (@tmz_tv) on Feb 12, 2020 at 10:28am PST

Pretty hard to deny the reports that Mya's married after seeing this photo of her in her dress ... and of course, she looks beautiful (not that we expected anything less). There's always the chance this was taken for a music video or a photo shoot and blown out of proportion, but along with the wedding report that has surfaced, it seems pretty likely that this photo is for real.

3. Who is Mya's husband? His identity has yet to be revealed.

Not only did Mya manage to keep her wedding under wraps, but she also kept her husband himself a secret, too. Since the photo above is the only one that's made its way to the internet from her wedding, we haven't even had the chance to see her husband on their big day, let alone identify them ... and since Mya has been all about keeping her private life to herself, it's not like she's been talking about him, either. In fact, until news broke that she was married, fans had no idea she was even seeing someone. Very interesting! 


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4. Mya hasn't mentioned anything about dating or marriage on social media. 



A post shared by MYA (@myaplanet9) on Jan 4, 2020 at 10:25am PST

While Mya frequently takes to Instagram to post about her music, her career, and even what she's eating, her relationships have always been off-limits, including this one. She's posted nothing about her wedding — not even a hint that it may have been going down back in December — and she's kept everything about anyone she might have been dating off of her account, too. Looks like she really worked hard to make sure that her love life stayed off the radar.


5. Mya has stated that she likes to keep her relationships private.

In a 2018 radio interview, Mya said that she was single at the time, and that she always intends to keep her romantic life private and out of the media because she feels her career should stay separate from that part of her life.

“My intention has always been love and connection with a person beyond anything else,” she said. “I’ve been so private because I didn’t want it to make or break me or to be a public stunt. I’ve really fired a lot of managers that had that mindset or publicists that had that mindset of, ‘Oh, you need to go on a date with this person because it’s going to help album sales.’ No thank-you. That’s not my flow. I don’t like it. I understand it from that perspective.”

6. She hasn't confirmed the marriage or not yet, but that photo speaks for itself.

No public statements here! Just like Mya said in that interview, her love life is private, and it seems like she's doing her best to keep it that way ... despite the information that's already leaked. Maybe now that the news is out, she'll be compelled to share a bit more but for now, it seems like Mya had a beautiful wedding (in a gorgeous gown), and if she's happy, that's all that really matters.


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