Who Is Clara Berry? Meet 'Riverdale' Star K.J. Apa's Girlfriend

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Who Is Clara Berry? Meet 'Riverdale' Star K.J. Apa's Girlfriend
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Sorry, Riverdale fans — it looks like K.J. Apa, who plays Archie Andrews on the hit CW drama, is officially spoken for.

After buzz about his potential relationship, Apa has seemingly confirmed that he's in a relationship ... and now, we're definitely going to need more details.

But who is Clara Berry?

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Here's everything fans need to know about the French model who's reportedly K.J. Apa's girlfriend.

1. Apa posted a photo with a woman believed to be Berry on Instagram.


coup de foudre 

A post shared by KJ Apa (@kjapa) on Feb 3, 2020 at 8:13pm PST

After rumors that Apa was seeing someone, he officially confirmed it when he shared a photo of himself kissing a woman whose face is obscured, but word on the street is that the lady in question is Berry. Apa didn't tag her or anything, but he did caption his photo "coup de foudre," which means "love at first sight" in French.

He might not be getting into the details of his relationship, but he definitely seems to be announcing to the world that he's in one, which is a big deal for a celebrity who tends to be as private about his love life as Apa seems to be.

2. Who is Clara Berry, K.J. Apa's girlfriend? She's best known for her career as a French model.

Berry hails from France and she's a model. According to her Instagram bio, she's represented by different agencies across France, the UK, and America, which means she's down for working internationally — which could present a challenge for her and Apa, since he's usually in Vancouver, filming Riverdale.

She also linked to a song she performed with a band called Insomni Club, showing that she has a little musical talent, too. 


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3. Berry is super into modeling and travel.

Most of Berry's Instagram is made up of modeling photos and travel photos, without much in between — and only those who are fluent in French (or use Google Translate) will understand what her captions say. She rarely shares posts that include other people; instead, most of her photos focus on her, and she's shown no signs of being in any kind of relationship (now or in the recent past). 

4. Previously, Apa reportedly dated Britt Robertson.

Although he never confirmed the relationship, last summer, Apa reportedly dated Britt Robertson, his costar in his upcoming movie, I Still Believe. At the time, it was reported that they were seen holding hands and hugging at Comic Con in San Diego, but whatever may have existed between them obviously doesn't anymore.

Being that Apa is so private about his relationships, like we mentioned earlier, it's no wonder  he never spoke about this one (or the subsequent breakup).

5. Back In December, Apa revealed that he was in a relationship without sharing many details.

In an interview where he answered questions that were frequently googled about him, he shared that he was in love, but at the time, he didn't say with who. Being that was just under two months ago, it makes sense that it would be Berry that he had in mind — unless this relationship is even newer than we realized.

6. So far, Berry has yet to mention Apa on social media.

Despite the fact that Apa seems down to share their relationship, so far, Berry hasn't returned the favor — and neither of them have confirmed or denied their relationship in so many words.

Fingers crossed that this potential couple shares more with their fans soon ... or maybe even more couple-y pictures, too? Now that the ice has been broken, maybe they'll feel more comfortable sharing their love with the world.

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