What The Sun-Jupiter Sextile Means For Your Relationships Until November 2020, According To Astrology

Your fate is what your free will chooses.

What The Sun-Jupiter Sextile Means For Your Relationships Until November 2020, According To Astrology getty

We understand what it means to be delivered a blessing in disguise as the Sun in Pisces sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn on March 11th, opening our eyes to the possibility that life may just turn out far better than we could have ever thought.

In astrology, the Sun represents our conscious self, our compass for how we move in the external world. In the zodiac sign of Pisces, we’re all feeling a little dreamy, a little in love, and a little like anything is possible. And that's great news for our love horoscope and relationships!


Together with Jupiter, who is in Capricorn and focusing on breaking apart the structures of life that are holding us back, these two planets will give us one of the luckiest aspects of astrology we’ve seen this year.

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Sun sextile Jupiter is a transit that can occur one to two times a year, with the last one in October 2019 and the next one not happening until November 2020. This one is a moment to not only be seized, but also appreciated.

While this transit stands alone as a bright spot in our brand new year and decade, we can reflect back to October of last year, specifically around the 14th. We can consider what was happening and if there were missed opportunities or chances we didn’t take, or did, but maybe it ended up differently than we had expected.

Sun and Jupiter transits, especially sextiles, signify that planets are within 60 degrees of one another, creating a beneficial aspect which ends up producing a karmic affect in our lives. While karma is never positive or negative, Jupiter is all about abundance, luck and joy, so we are likely to see any feel-good energy we’ve been putting out into the universe return to us at that time.

The Sun-Jupiter sextile, especially in Pisces and Capricorn — two signs that really are helping remind us that to get the life we are dreaming of, we also have to be willing to destroy what is holding us back — usually refers to preexisting structures or agreements. This transit is literally pressing upon us the reminder that just because something is fated, does not mean it’s a guarantee.


We have to consciously, actively utilize our free will to choose our fate. We have to be the ones to do the work, to stand up for what we want and what we know we deserve. In doing this and taking these actions, we actually earn our fate.

When we think of fate, we most often conjure up some romantic fairy tale in which two star-crossed lovers find one another against all odds. But in real life, in our lives, it’s a bit different.

Fate is something that is similar to a soul contract and destiny. It is an agreement, a part of what we decided we would experience here on this earthly plane in this lifetime; Relationships, careers, life choices our souls knew we needed or that the collection of humanity needed.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a given, and there is a fine balance between knowing that we can’t screw up something that is meant for us. But that doesn’t exclude us from consciously having to choose it either.

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Our fate is not given to us; it’s not something that is dropped in our laps and we get to enjoy it by breathing. Rather, it’s earned by doing the soul work we signed up for in this life. We have to learn what it means to be our best selves; we have to learn how to heal, how to stop projecting, how to operate, live and love from a secure state of mind.

These are our human lessons. The ones we can only learn through interacting with others, and also through hurting ourselves and likely those we care about.

But that is also all part of the plan. We agreed to love certain people before we were incarnated in this life, and we agreed to hurt them too, because it’s in that state of pain that we are finally faced with ourselves and the truth of what we need to do to heal our wounds.

So, we grow, or we try to put it off, not realizing that we can’t escape certain lessons if they are meant for us. But we try our best, nevertheless. We try to learn, try to live our truth, and try to do things differently each go-around for each relationship, each job or even path.


Unknowingly we do this, because it’s all a part of earning our fate — those beautiful points at which it feels like the stars align and we feel blessed. Blessed to be alive, to have made it through the lessons, and to be on the other side of it all, enjoying the abundance that had been waiting for us all along.

Can you see it? The light through the darkness, the reason why you had to go through all you have? It’s there, and that is exactly what the Sun-Jupiter sextile is going to remind us.

We have to do things we never wanted to do or even thought we could in order to make it to that point in which we shed enough layers of "shoulds" to see our truth. This is what this sextile is hoping we see: while everything we dream of is waiting for us, because it’s ours, we still have to choose it.

We have to make the choice to no longer suffer, to no longer dance in and out of toxic cycles, and to believe that we are worthy of what we dream.


Occurring at the same time that Mercury is turning direct in Aquarius, it will enable us to look at things from a different perspective and see not only that this path was always ours to choose, but also that it might not look like we thought it would. By now, we’ve learned that doesn’t mean it’s not everything we’ve ever dreamed of.

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