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Audrina Patridge's Ex Corey Bohan Missed Custody Tradeoff — Why Police Are Involved

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Who Is Audrina Patridge's Baby Daddy? New Details On Corey Bohan, Their Relationship, And How He Missed Custody Tradeoff

While TV shows like The Hills might make it seem like the life of reality stars is all glamor and parties, that's not always totally the case. Sure, there are decadent parties, rich food and great clothing and cocktails, but those things don't prevent the real problems of the world from invading in the least. Someone who knows that to be true is reality star Audrina Patridge. When she met her now-ex-husband Corey Bohan she thought she found the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with. But one divorce and a restraining order later, he's now the man who took away their daughter and Audrina didn't blink before she got the cops involved. Who is Audrina Patridge's baby daddy? 

1. The News

While most people spent the 4th of July holiday grilling burgers and dogs, taking dips in the pool or just kicking back with friends, Audrina Patridge had to deal with what is probably every parent's biggest nightmare: she couldn't find her beloved toddler, 3-year-old Kirra. God only knows the thoughts that were probably running through her mind! On top of that, Los Angeles had an earthquake that morning, so she was worried about her daughter's safety. 

Audrina, who is currently featured on The Hills: New Beginnings, finally reached out to the local police in a total panic. She asked them to conduct a welfare check on the daughter she shares with her ex-husband Corey Bohan in the hopes that they might find the missing kiddo at his house and reunite her with her terrified mother. 


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2. Audrina's Pain

The fact that Audrina reached out to the police when she couldn't reach her ex is proof that this co-parenting situation has become beyond contentious. “This is so distressing for Audrina,” a source reportedly said about Audrina's terrifying ordeal. “She’s very upset and she hates that they can’t have a peaceful relationship. That’s all she wants for Kirra. It’s really sad.”

Many couples, famous and otherwise, have to navigate the rocky waters of shared custody when they choose to go their separate ways, and Audrina and Corey are no different. Apparently, Corey, who is 37-years-old, is responsible for making sure that Kirra is returned safely to Audrina, who is 34-years-old, every single Thursday morning. According to Audrina, on the Thursday in question she couldn't get ahold of Corey. 


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3. The Handoff 

After the police received the call from Audrina they drove over to Corey's house to conduct the requested wellness check. Corey, who works as a BMX rider and their daughter Kirra were both at the house and they were both totally fine. So that begs the question, why the heck didn't Corey drop off Kirra to begin with?

Well, according to Corey the whole thing comes down to a matter of mixed up calendars and a little bit of confusion. Corey reportedly told that police that since the couple ususally alternates custody of Kirra on holidays he just thought the 4th was his turn. Once this was cleared up, the exes met up later that night in order to exchange custody of the little girl.


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4. Custody Battle

This isn't the first bump in the road when it comes to navigating co-parenting for Audrina or Corey, nor is it the first time they've had to get the law involved in order to sort out something between them when they couldn't manage it themselves. For example, this particularly custody agreement they are in only came after two years of rough duking it out in the courtroom. 

Prior to their divorce, things between the couple became very contentious and very scary very, very quickly (yes that's a lot of 'verys' but I stand by every single one of them). You see, just before Audrina filed to have their marriage dissolved in 2017, she actually also filed a restraining order against Corey as well as child abduction prevention orders. When things went bad for these two they went really bad. 


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5. Abuse Allegations

While all of this was going down, one of Audrina's biggest arguments in favor of her restraining order were her claims that Corey was abusive and a danger to both herself and to their little girl. That, however, wasn't a claim that Corey was going to take lightly. Immediately after she filed, he denied all of the charges and allegations against him. 

Sadly (if he's being honest that is) the following month it was Audrina who got full custody of their daughter temporarily, an arrangement that has since changed since their divorce was finalized in December of 2018. Here's hoping the two parents work out this bump in the road and continue doing the best that they can to give their daughter the best life possible. 


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