Who Is Becky Lynch? New Details On The WWE Star's Relationship With Seth Rollins

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Who Is Becky Lynch? New Details On The WWE Star's Relationship With Seth Rollins
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The new rising superstar couple has WWE fans going wild about the reveal of their new relationship. On the wrestling mat these two are champions and now even their romance doesn't have a match that'll compare to them. Becky and Seth have been dropping hints on Twitter that they were already exclusive but it wasn't until recently that they decided to be open about their relationship with an explosive social kiss. Who is Becky Lynch?

1. "The Man"

Becky Lynch, also referred to as "The Man," has changed gender roles when it comes to wrestling. Becky has won the most matches out of both the men and women of WWE and that is how she recieved her nickname. Born Rebecca Quinn in Ireland, wrestling has allowed her to become the person she is now. Before she began wrestling she was headed down the wrong path. “If you can believe it, I had no intentions of being a wrestler,” Lynch told WWE. Apparently Lynch grew up a wrestling fan but had no intention of ever getting into the ring.

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2. Big Reveal

Becky and Rollins revealed their relationship via a photo of them kissing on Instagram. The photo caused a raging scene across social media as many realized that Becky was no longer available. Rollins decided to go public with their relationship by sharing the picture and captioned it: "I guess I'm allowed to post this now while tagging her in the post. Since the public display of affection the Instagram post has gone viral. Brie and Nikki Bella are highly supportive of this new found love.

3. WWE's Power Couple

In the wrestling community this pair is the talk of the town as everyone is intrigued with their love story. Together, the two make up one of the WWE's strongest forces. Seth is the universal champion who defeated Brock Lesner in the latest match at Wrestlemania 35, and Becky is the smackdown woman's champion. Three of WWE's four most prestigious belts are held by this pair. After weeks of keeping their fans guessing the couple broadcasted the relationship to the world. Fans from all over the world poured out their approval with congratulaitons on their Twitter accounts. 

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4. What's next for the duo ?

WWE sees the relationship as an asset for the company, and can potentially see a TV reality show for the couple in the near future. WWE always capitalizes with such things that earn some mainstream attention. For now, they are expected to cotinue to keep the championship belts around their waist. 

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