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3 Leo Full Moon Rituals Each Zodiac Sign Can Use To Shine In Their Relationships, According To Astrology

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3 Leo Full Moon Rituals Each Zodiac Sign Can Use To Shine In Their Relationships, According To Astrology

Is there anything more awesome than a Leo full moon? We don't think so! After all, when you combine the generosity of Leo with the abundant nature of a full moon, you have a potent night that's perfect for making all your wishes come true.

That's exactly what will happen on February 9th with the full moon in Leo.

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Just remember: the waning phase of the moon represents depletion, so make your wishes on the full moon night and not later. Also, Leo is ruled by the Sun, so this full moon will make you inner diva come out, as well as that heavily romantic side of you.

To help you curate this energy, here are 3 full moon rituals to help you shine like a rockstar and start off Valentine's week on a high note.

1. Think of the romance you truly desire in your life.

Leo rules romance, so the first ritual of the day is all about your highest hopes in that department. We recommend doing this ritual alone or with a friend who you would trust with your life (someone who won't interrupt your vision and make you second-guess it).

It's a simple daydreaming exercise where you will explore what kind of romance you really want in your life. Dream big, dream it all. And when you dream of something that makes you a bit uncomfortable or makes you go, "That will never happen in a million years!" stop and note it down in a journal.

Remember to extend your vision through the years. How do you want it after you get married (if you want that)? What do you want it to be like when you are much older? You will find more blocks the wider you cast your net.

Once you are satisfied, take up each point you noted down in your journal and ask yourself why you are so uncomfortable with that dream? Do you think there's something inappropriate about it? Something no partner would be willing to fulfill?

Now, debate against yourself and try to answer why it's perfectly okay for you to have this romantic dream. This is the part where a friend comes in handy, but you can do it yourself too.

Note: This ritual is best done when the moon is completely full or about to be. You will have a narrow window of a few hours.

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2. End a fight or disagreement.

Leo energy is all about having a large circle of friends and being an optimistic ball of sunshine. So, if you have been feuding with someone important to you, the full moon in Leo, and up to a day after that, is perfect for patching things up.

Be open to seeing their perspective and share yours peacefully. And before you know it, everything will get solved and you will be one big, happy family again.

3. Find your shining beacon of light.

Everyone should have someone they can fall back upon when they are going through tough times. And the Leo full moon is the perfect time to honor these people in your life, and let them know how valuable they are, how much you appreciate all they do, and how they have pulled you out from really bad situations.

Be specific when you express yourself. That's what really touches someone's heart. And don't forget to tell them you will be there for them when they need you. Leo energy is very generous of spirit. And it's not a good thing to just take selfishly and not give anything back!

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Valeria Black is a freelance writer who reads Tarot cards in her free time.