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Noah Cyrus And Machine Gun Kelly Reportedly Dating — Juicy Details On Their Steamy New Relationship

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Are Noah Cyrus And Machine Gun Kelly Dating? Juicy Details On Their Steamy New Relationship

A lot goes on during Grammy weekend and apparently, a new couple may have stepped out for the first time this awards season — if they're actually dating, of course. 

Reportedly, Machine Gun Kelly and Noah Cyrus are an item, albeit definitely an expected one. They were spotted together on Sunday, and now, we have a lot of questions.

So are Kelly and Cyrus dating, or are they just friends who like to get cozy in public? Let's investigate.

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1. Kelly and Cyrus were seen together at a Grammys afterparty on Sunday. 

Kelly and Cyrus attended the Sony Music Entertainment afterparty together following the awards, where they looked like they were getting pretty close — a little too close for two people who are just friends. Kelly and Cyrus were seen with their arms around each other's waists, sparking speculation that this is a new couple in the making. 

The fun didn't stop there, either; the same night, they also went to the Republic Records party. 

2. Witnesses say that, judging by their behavior, it seems they're dating.

According to what sources at the afterparty say, Cyrus and Kelly definitely weren't acting like two friends hanging out at a party together — not by a long shot. In fact, one source said that they were seen walking around the party holding hands.

"They held hands as they arrived back inside the party and continued to be next to each other the entire time," the insider shared. "It seemed like they were dating." 

3. They recently celebrated Cyrus' birthday together.


A post shared by Colson (@machinegunkelly) on Jan 10, 2020 at 8:24pm PST

Earlier this month, Kelly took to Instagram to share a photo from Cyrus' birthday party, and in the pic, they're surrounded by people as Cyrus is holding Kelly close. This could just be a friendly hug, but it definitely looks like more. Kelly kept his caption simple, writing, "bday girl @noahcyrus." 

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4. Back in July, Cyrus called Kelly a "friend." 


A post shared by noah cyrus (@noahcyrus) on Jul 4, 2019 at 9:59pm PDT

Over the summer, it was Cyrus' turn to celebrate Kelly's achievements, which she did by sharing a photo of them together, along with a heartfelt caption ... one that made it very clear they were just friends.

 "I was at a loss for words when you played me your new music and ill never forget how proud you were showing me the songs for this album, making music that YOU LOVE!!!" Cyrus wrote. "I'm so happy for you and so happy your incredible album is out in the world. You work your ass off and it shows. You're a rockstar. Ilysm &&& thanks for being a dope ass f*ckin friend. CONGRATS COLSONNNNN." 

Of course, Cyrus shared this post over six months ago, so it's totally possible she's viewing him in more than a friendly way these days.

5. But are Noah Cyrus and Machine Gun Kelly dating for real? It's hard to know for sure.

So far, neither of them have confirmed or denied the rumors themselves, and given how public Cyrus is about her relationships (like when her breakup with Lil Xan spilled all over the Internet, as if anyone could forget), it wouldn't be surprising if she and Kelly were truly together, she'd be shouting it from the rooftops.

Then again, Cyrus and Kelly seem to have a pretty strong foundation of friendship going for them, so maybe they're taking things slow this time around? It seems like their romantic relationship could be pretty new, so it's impossible to definitively say if they're dating or not. 

6. When it comes to their night out after the Grammys, neither of them are talking.

Actually, everything Cyrus has posted about the Grammys so far is about spending the night with dad Billy Ray Cyrus. Who knows? Maybe Cyrus and Kelly will come clean eventually, but until then, we'll just have to keep looking for dating clues.

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