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Meet Martha Hunt's Fiancé, Jason McDonald

Who Is Martha Hunt's Fiancé? New Details On Jason McDonald

Who is Martha Hunt's fiancé?

A Victoria's Secret Angel since 2015, Martha Hunt has been modeling at a top-level for over a decade. Her first runaway work was in 2007 as part of Paris Fashion Week, where she modeled for Issey Miyake.

Hunt's celebrity as a Victoria's Secret Angel has led to visibility in other media. In turn, her filmography includes appearances on 2 Broke Girls and Celebrity Family Feud in addition to music videos by Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and The Chainsmokers.

Hunt made headlines this week when it was announced that she is engaged to Jason McDonald. But who exactly is Jason McDonald, you ask? Below is what you need to know about her boo and their relationship as a whole.

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1. Who is Martha Hunt's fiancé? Jason McDonald is a respected photographer.

There are multiple professional photographers with the name "Jason McDonald," but the one engaged to Hunt is in-demand and globe-trotting. He has high-profile clients, including athletes, supermodels and major brands.

The portfolio section of his website entirely shows athletes, including players from the NBA's New York Knicks and the WNBA's New York Liberty. However, several other pages on his website are noted to be "coming soon."

2. It's not clear how Hunt and McDonald met or if they have worked together professionally.

The way in which it was made known that Hunt and McDonald were engaged was through her social media accounts. Both Hunt's Twitter and Instagram accounts showed photos announcing her "secret."

What can be deduced is that the engagement happened on January 5, 2020 per a date written on a dog's tag alongside with the couple's initials.

While one of the photos appears to have been taken by McDonald as a selfie, it's not clear who the photographer of the other photos was.


i have a secret...

A post shared by Martha Hunt (@marthahunt) on Jan 8, 2020 at 2:28pm PST

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3. The couple's engagement attracted a lot of high-profile well-wishers.

Within a day of announcing their engagement during a trip to the Bahamas, plenty of celebrities and notable creatives sent their respects online to Hunt and McDonald. This included models Taylor Hill and Alexia Graham, writer Carly Heading, stylist Jane Keltner de Valle and designer Sarah Staudinger.

Queer Eye For The Straight Guy’s Antoni Porowski initially had not picked up on Hunt's announcement. He had posted at one of her posts: "WHAT IS IT?!? WHAT’S THE SECRET?!! DON’T LEAVE ME HANGING!!" In response, Hunt explained to Porowski: "CONTEXT CLUES."

4. McDonald is not a fan of the Trump administration.

On McDonald's Instagram account, he doesn't always share posts showing beautiful photography. Sometimes it can be something as simple as something he watched on television or ate at a quick-serve restaurant.

On the television end, within a September 26, 2016 posting, he took a photo of a TV screenshot with a caption stating the following: "How many douchebags can you fit on one screen!" Among those pictures on the screen were Reince Preibus, Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway.

5. McDonald does not appear to use social media beyond Instagram, unlike Hunt.

The biography line on McDonald's Instagram account only notes the website for "Jason McDonald Studios." Additional social media accounts could not be located for McDonald, who has a common name, nor were any other accounts linked from either of McDonald's professional websites.

Hunt is active on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, regularly posting a mix of personal and professional content. The content published to all of Hunt's social media accounts is relatively social, character counts aside.

6. McDonald can be seen throughout Hunt's social media accounts if you look closely.

While not clear if McDonald has worked with Hunt as a photographer, the two do not keep separate lives on social media. Beyond the postings related to their engagement, the two have published plenty of content related to one another.

A January 2, 2020 posting by Hunt to Instagram of the couple included the caption "grateful for this hunk." Said McDonald in a July 20, 2017 posting which showed Hunt modeling: "#Blessed." And that's just the start of the mutual appreciation.

As a social media-savvy model, it will be interesting to see whether Hunt uses social media to post about her wedding, honeymoon and other hubby-to-be-related excitement in the years to come.

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