5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Compatible With Leo In Love & Relationships, According To Astrology

As told by a fellow Leo.

5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Compatible With Leo In Love & Relationships, According To Astrology Olenka Sergienko via Pexels

Dating a Leo? You will want to be sure that you are zodiac compatible when dating this astrology sign. Leos are the zodiac sign represented by the lion are known for their power, courage, and boldness.

Just like lions, Leos love to watch their mate succeed but if their trust is betrayed then the beast can be awakened.

What is a Leo zodiac sign?

It has been said that "A Lion's roar is enough to describe him." - Paras Chandra


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And, it's true. Leos will openly be themselves with their partner. The roar in a lion can represent the passion that Leos have when it comes to love.

They are stable, strong and sociable which makes them awesome in a relationship. Leos can take a while before they can trust people but when they do and know that the love is returned they will blossom into great partners.


With Leos, what you see is exactly what you will get. They will not hold back on telling you how they feel or what they expect in any relationship.

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Dominating, leading and controlling are a few characteristics of this fire sign and with these attributes, it explains why they are fit to be rulers of the spotlight.

Journalists, celebrities such as singers and actors and politicians are some examples of how much of the spotlight Leos will seek. Some famous Leos that are known worldwide are Adam Housley, Sandra Bullock, Barack Obama, and Whitney Houston.

Leos can see the beauty in all things. The way they have a positive outlook on life can be infectious. Their uncontrollable love for the center of attention can be overwhelming but it will never be overshadowed by the drive to love the people around them.


There are several qualities that make Leos irresistible to be around. But with any of the zodiac signs, there are signs that Leos will bond with and somewhere Leos will clash with. Here are 5 Zodiac Signs that are Most Compatible with the Leo Sign.

Leo and Sagittarius Zodiac Compatibility

Both of these fire signs are loaded with heat and passion. They are both loyal and bold. They have similar characteristics which mean they will agree on hot topics. When these two signs fall in love it is nothing short of intense and the love light up just like a flame.

They have a lot of chemistry that will boil up to all types of excitement and thrills. They both crave loyalty but once that trust is broken it could end badly for these two.

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Leo & Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility

These two astrological signs are known for a healthy and incredible sex drive but once these drives are united the steam between them will ignite into something strong. Scorpios are full of emotion and Leos are filled with energy which will cause an exciting sex life.

These signs are both control freaks which can lead to them overpowering each other. Leos demand respect while Scorpios demand affection. This could lead to problems but if the trust is there they can last through anything.

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Leo & Libra Zodiac Compatibility

Libras are romantic and fair. Their will to make sense of things keeps the people around them thinking on their toes. Libras are crazy about love and with the intense passion that Leo has will make any relationship between them conquer all.


Libras are often friendly which could make the controlling Leo a bit suspicious. But with Libras having a strong fair judgment of others this could make Leos respect them. Respect is the most important thing to a Leo.

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Leo & Gemini Zodiac Compatibility

When it comes to the need of others these two signs can be bad attending to them. Leos and Geminis can self-centered which are not great when it comes to being partners.

But when it comes to sex, these two signs are an excellent pair. They both enjoy experimenting and exploring their partner's sexual desires.

Leos and Geminis value independence and intelligence. When they come together their energy is full of light and life. Geminis are flexible while Leos stick to exactly what they say they will do. Leos can be a bit controlling which can drive a Gemini away.


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Leo & Aries Zodiac Compatibility

Leo and Aries are a match made in heaven. They are both strong and can stand on their own which can describe the intensity of how serious these fire signs take their love life.

They are both competitive and strive to lead. Leos have been known to charm the pants off the people they are around which can be misleading to Aries.


With two overwhelming egos thriving to take charge these fire signs can clash. They both share the will of respect which means the world to them. They can be impatient and arrogant which is a good thing because they will understand each other in the end.

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Katrina Harris is a Leo, and a writer who covers pop culture, astrology and love and relationship topics.