20 Most Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Couples To Share

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20 Most Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Couples To Share
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Whether you're one-half of a couple and are looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas to get each other, or are gifting something special to a lovely couple in your life, this Valentine's Day there are all sorts of adorable and unique gifts to celebrate your love.

But rather than gifting the usual box of chocolates and flowers, these gifts for couples may just do the trick.

That's right, these couple gifts can be sexy and steamy (it is Valentine's Day, after all), or adorable and sweet, or even a mix of the two. What really matters is that it's personal and a fit for your very unique, but always loving and beautiful, relationship. (And cheesy is always welcome.)

So, with these Valentine's Day gifts, both you and your partner have something to be excited about.

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1. 'I'm Magical' Unicorn Color-Changing Coffee Mug

This coffee cup makes a sassy, fun gift. The mug is black when cold, but the text appears when hot liquid is added. Remind your partner just how special they are (because they're a unicorn, right?).

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

2. The Couples Bucket List

Not sure what to do on date night? Want to bring the focus back to romance in your relationship? On Valentine's Day, why not give your loved one the perfect gift to show them you care? This box is filled with 100 fun and fresh date night ideas and even has dividers to keep track of what items have been done.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

3. Custom Maple Engraved Butcher Block

Have a partner who loves to cook? Give them a useful gift they'll truly appreciate. This 18”x12” butcher block is personalized with you and your partner's initials, and there's also an option to include a date, whether it's when you met, your first date, or your wedding date.

(28 Collective, $80)

4. Los Angeles Trading Co. 'Trophy Wife' and 'Trophy Husband' Plush Slippers

Whether or not your partner was crowned Prom King or Queen, they are now your king/queen. Why not celebrate having a trophy spouse with these adorable and cozy slippers?

(For him: Los Angeles Trading Co. & for her: Los Angeles Trading Co., $45)

5. Book of Us Customized Gift

This is a new and personalized book for couples that tells the story of their relationship. Customize the illustrated characters, select the book title, design, and color, and then write text throughout the book. It's full of loving messages to celebrate a couple’s unique relationship.

(Book of Us, $39.99)

6. Ooni Koda Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven

Share a piece of the pie (and your heart) with Ooni’s Koda Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven. It blazes out pizzas in 60 seconds flat. The compact oven is portable, easy to use and features an instant gas ignition, meaning you can virtually fire it up from anywhere. How much cheesier can you get?

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

7. Maple Holistics Sensual Massage Oil

This massage oil is made of a heavenly base of jojoba and sweet almond oil, and is enhanced by relaxing lavender essential oil. These natural oils work in synergy to stimulate the senses and relax the body. It's non-greasy, non-sticky, and non-staining, but extremely emollient to provide the perfect glide for a variety of massage techniques.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

8. Copper Cocktail Coupe Gift Set 

Adorned with an exquisite wheat motif, the Absolut Elyx Copper Coupes are perfect for enjoying all your favorite cocktails. This much-loved vessel carries with it an aura of romance and sexiness, aided perhaps by the many screen sirens, such as Ava Gardner and Sophia Loren, photographed drinking from them.

(Elyx Boutique, $79)

9. The Night Sky

Create an 18"x24" star map of the night your heart skipped a beat. Whether your first date or the moment you walked down the aisle, each unique and personalized map is printed on high-quality, Art Matte paper. Choose from eight different styles at any place or time in the world to memorialize what is special to you.

(The Night Sky, $60)

10. Romance Helpers Experience Boxes

Make this Valentine's Day memorable with a romance-themed Experience Box to help you celebrate your love. Select your favorite box set — sharing a variety of candles, fragrant rose petals, bubble bath and soap, Eternal Roses & Chocolates — and give your favorite gift to your sweetheart. 

(Romance Helpers, $69.99-$175.99)

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11. Custom Neon Sign

What's more romantic than having your message of love hung on the wall and glowing? With a custom neon sign, you can create from the heart. Whether for your bedroom or living room, neither of you will question your love for one another.

(Custom Neon, $300+)

12. Mr. & Mrs. Silk Pillowcases

For the newlywed couple spending their first Valentine's Day together, keep the love going with these Mr. and Mrs. silk pillowcases made with 25 momme pure mulberry silk. A hidden zipper closure keeps the pillowcase protected and free of dust, and comes wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a black embossed gift box.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

13. The Queens’ Jewels Wine Glasses

For the wine lover, drink a glass of vino from The Queens' Jewels. These handcrafted, jeweled wine glasses (stemmed and stemless) take your everyday glassware and turn it into something spectacular. Each glass is adorned with a beautiful jewel and will show your partner just how much they mean to you.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

14. Custom Portrait

These custom portraits are drawn individually to capture your unique characteristics. The portrait comes framed by delicate floral branches with a banner featuring hand lettered calligraphy below it.

(Etsy, $60)

15. Wine Cork Letters

For the wine loving couple, now you can have your initials on the wall... filled with all the wine corks from bottles you've enjoyed together. on your wall. It also comes with custom supports for mounting the letters you request.

(Uncommon Goods, $20-$35)

16. Love Potion Curated Box

These chocolates and sweets are all made with rum or wine (but also whiskey, bourbon and scotch). Rum and wine take center stage in this gift, featuring bites with spirit  a whiskey truffle bar, single malt scotch caramels, dark chocolate cabernet sea salt chocolate bar.

(Mouth, $81.50)

17. Fracture Glass Photo Prints

Level up your relationship with a tangible glass print. Simply upload your favorite picture, pick the preferred size and have it printed directly onto frameless glass, shipped in a cool eco-minded package, ready to display on a stand or mount on the wall.

(Fracture.me, $17+)

18. Olive & Cocoa Sweet Sips Drink Making Set

Celebrate all of your sweetest moments with this mocktail/cocktail set, which includes three kinds of fruit flavored sugar cubes, two hand-blown 16 ounce glasses, and meringue drops. All are gift wrapped together in a hand crafted wood crate.

(Olive & Cocoa, $128)

19. Olive & Cocoa Amour Snack Crate

The perfect picnic for two... on the couch! This gift includes an artisan crafted, heart-shaped maple cutting board with red trim, and an elegant stainless steel cheese spreader. Also included is all your favorites you can enjoy together: soft cheese wedges, salami, herbed crisps, and shortbread cookies.

(Olive & Cocoa, $138)

20. Olive & Cocoa Jardin Personalized Tray

This made-to-order, customizable wood tray is ideal for entertaining... each other. It features a vibrant hand painted botanical motif, and warm finished edges with cutout handles. Plus, the tray arrives adorned with a fluffy signature Olive & Cocoa satin bow and offers free personalization.

(Olive & Cocoa, $148)

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