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Cam Newton Splits From Longtime Girlfriend After Having An 'Outside Child' With Instagram Model La Reina Shaw

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Cam Newton Splits From Longtime Girlfriend After Having An 'Outside Child' With Instagram Model La Reina Shaw

Cam Newton should be making the news because of his prowess on the football field. Instead, he's making the news for an entirely different reason: not only is he potentially looking at a prison sentence thanks to a completely avoidable situation, but he's got baby mama drama coming out of the proverbial woodwork.

Who is La Reina Shaw, Cam Newton's sidechick and one of the baby mamas at the center of the Carolina Panthers player's latest personal woes? 

When he was first drafted by the Carolina Panthers as a first-round pick in 2011, football fans were convinced  they'd stumbled upon a superstar. After countless awards and accolades — including the Heisman Trophy and being named to the Pro Bowl several times — Newton established himself in the world of football.

But it didn't take long for the outside world to catch up with him, and now, he's found himself in the middle of a paternity controversy worthy of The Maury Show

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Let's look at what we know all about it, and La Reina Shaw's role in it all. 

1. Who is La Reina Shaw? She's an Instagram model who has just been revealed to be one of Cam Newton's sidechicks and baby mamas.

Rumors about Shaw being pregnant with a child first began emerging when one of her "Instagram modeling" photos appeared to show a baby bottle on her kitchen counter. The post, which was made December 15, 2019, was captioned, "You only live once! Lick the bowl!"

And while there was no bowl in sight, there were certainly plenty of baby bottles to be seen. Check out the post below. 


2. Shaw and Newton had the baby over the summer of 2019. 

The sports world had "known" that Shaw and Newton were at least "carrying on" for quite some time, and it was revealed that Shaw had her baby over the summer of 2019. While there was some speculation about who the father could have been, when Newton moved her to an apartment upstairs from a restaurant in Atlanta that Newton owns so he could "see her" and the child she'd had, it was almost immediately concluded that Newton was the father. 

3. Shaw and Newton are not together now. 

Even though it's been revealed that Newton is the father of Shaw's child, he and the Instagram model are currently not together romantically. However, it's also been revealed Shaw's pregnancy was the reason for Newton's split from his longtime girlfriend, Kia Proctor, who is the mother of four of his children. 

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4. Proctor and Shaw were pregnant at the same time. 

Proctor has four children with Newton: sons Camidas, Chosen, and the recently-born Cashmere, who was born around the same time that Shaw's own son was born. Proctor, who also has a daughter named Sovereign-Dior Cambella with Newton, has a daughter named Shakira from a previous relationship. You can see a photo of Proctor with all her children below. 

5. Proctor's currently demanding child support and physical custody of the children from Newton. 

Needless to say, the drama brought about by Shaw's "side baby" has led to Newton and Proctor splitting, and currently, Proctor and Newton are fighting out their custody battles in court. As of this writing, Proctor is not only demanding a huge sum in child support (well, she does have four children with the man, after all), but she's also demanding that she obtain sole physical custody of the children. 

6. But Newton says he wants a paternity test. 

In his papers filed with the courts as a counter-suit to Proctor's claims for child support and physical custody, Newton is demanding a paternity test for all of the children that he had with Proctor, reportedly because the last child (Cashmere) was born after Newton moved out of the home he shared with Proctor. And while Shaw wasn't named in the papers as part and parcel of the split, it certainly didn't help matters. 

We will definitely keep you posted on what happens with them in the future.

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