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Who Is Kia Proctor? Details About Cam Newton's Ex-Girlfriend

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Who Is Kia Proctor? Details About Cam Newton's Ex-Girlfriend

Cam Newton and his longtime girlfriend, Kia Proctor, welcomed their fourth child in 2019, but have since broken up after seven years together. 

Back in May 2019, Proctor announced on Instagram that baby number four was on the way. 

The Carolina Panthers quarterback, 29, and Proctor already have three kids together — sons Chosen Sebastian, 3, Camidas Swain, 1, and daughter Sovereign Dior Cambella, 2. When Proctor first announced the upcoming baby, she shared a snap of herself sitting outside on a stone ledge wearing a blue dress. She captioned it, "Blessed [heart emoji] #anotherone #momof5."

Kia Proctor has a 12-year-old daughter named Shakira from a previous relationship.

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We also want to know more about the mom of five and her relationship with the NFL superstar.

Who is Cam Newton's ex-girlfriend, Kia Proctor?

1. Cam Newton and Kia Proctor were together for years.

How Newton and Proctor met and exactly when that was isn't known. The couple were first spotted together in public at the 2013 Kentucky Derby, though there have been other reports that the two met when Proctor was a dancer.

Regardless, it's safe to say they've been together for more than six years. The couple prefers to keep their family life and kids out of the public eye, though they both do occasionally share photos of their adorable kids. 

2. Newton has said that Proctor is "the best thing that ever happened to him."


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After the birth of their first son, Chosen, Newton wrote a letter to his son. It was in a poem format. Most of the letter is Newton talking about becoming a father and what it means to him.

However, there is a section devoted to Proctor: "Your mom is the best thing to happen to me / Yet I have failed in some regards / But I still love her unconditionally."

Later in the letter, he asks Chosen to look after his mom and older sister while admitting his own faults: 

"At times, son, I am not proud of the man that I am.

Some of my decisions are far from perfect.

But do know, when it comes to you and this family, I will always do what I can.

I had to sacrifice some things, and I made it all worth it.

Let no one tell you you’re not strong, that you’re not a king.

My main responsibility is to see your heart gleam.

If I ever leave, make sure you protect the queens of your heart —

That’s your mom and your sister —

And remember that real men aren’t afraid of the dark."

3. Newton really likes being a father.

Newton and Proctor now have four children, and being a parent seems to be one of Newton's greatest joys. He revealed that he enjoys being a parent and finds it much more enjoyable than he thought he would. 

“Fatherhood has been great... I’m not as bad as I thought I was! It’s something that a person can never really prep for, but for me, I just want to be available, and it’s helped me be a better man. There are similarities that I felt being on the set of Buick and seeing those kids light up and ask me questions coming from all across the board. Things like, ‘What do you eat? How hard have you been hit?’ I think Chosen prepped me for being able to be prepared for any kid’s response,” he said.

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4. Newton likes to "challenge himself" every month.

Newton once revealed that he gave up sex for the entire month of March in 2019. During an appearance that year, he said he decided to give up sex for a month as a way to challenge himself during the offseason. He chooses a new challenge every month.

In January 2019, he gave up gambling. In February 2019, he adhered to a vegan diet. These challenges were ways Newton tried to make sure he was in a better place when football season began. He said, “It makes my mind stronger. I feel like, if I go back and I say, I did those things, I’m mentally stronger.”

5. Newton is a devoted stepdad.

Newton is a devoted stepdad to Kia's daughter Shakira. On her birthday in 2017, he posted a lengthy note to her, writing that she changed his life:

"Happy Birthday to the real girl who changed my life ever since we first met five years ago. You have challenged me in ways you will never know because in retrospect you were my first child. This message isn’t to brag or to even complain about my situation, but this is just real talk. Being labeled a stepdad is hard on the parent just as much as it is for the child to accept it. It is hard work for both parties and I respect any stepparent that takes full responsibility of a God sent a child. I remember the first day you called me daddy and I was scared as hell. But when I thought about it, I was honored for you to think of me as not only a male figure in your life but also as a father figure you could learn from as well. Your mom and I are not married, but no one can tell you that I’m not your father and they damn sure can’t tell me that you’re not my daughter. I love you, or better yet, Daddy loves you Kirry. Happy Birthday Shakira aka Kirry aka B1 Gsissy (as ChoCho calls her)."

6. Proctor and Newton welcomed their fourth child in October 2019.

In October 2019, the couple welcomed their fourth child with Proctor sharing a sweet snap of the baby in her arms on her Instagram page. The couple named their new baby Cashmere Saint Newton, and in December 2019, Proctor shared another photo on her account of their newest little addition.

The cute holiday-themed photo showed Proctor and her new babywearing matching pajamas. How sweet is that?

7. Proctor and Newton have broken up.

Newton and Proctor have allegedly broken up based on social media posts and rumors. 

The breakup comes after Newton was accused of fathering a baby with model La Reina Shaw right before Proctor gave birth to their newest addition to the family Chosen in October of 2019. La Reina Shaw may have had the baby in early July. 

Right now, Proctor and Newton have severed all social media connections with each other and have removed all pictures of each other from their social media accounts, and are reportedly in a nasty custody battle

Proctor also removed his jersey number from her Instagram name. 

They have not been seen together since Chosen was born late last year. 

Newton also reportedly bought Shaw an apartment above his restaurant to be closer to her and the baby. 

Newton and Shaw have also been posting about each other and commenting on each other's social media posts. 

So, it's looking like Newton has moved on from being with Proctor, the mother of his four children, to Shaw, his new baby mama. 

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