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Did Nathan Schwandt Break Up With Jeffree Star For A Woman?

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Why Did Jeffree Star And Nathan Schwandt Break Up — And Did Nathan Leave Jeffree For A Woman?

Why did Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt break up — and did Nathan leave Jeffree for a woman? 

Regardless of his various controversies — and many valid criticisms about his behavior — one cannot deny that Jeffree Star was one of the first social media influencers, if not the first social media influencer. Back in 2008, when the words "social media influencer" weren't even a thing, let alone a viable career path, Star was using MySpace to promote his various creative projects.

While he was first known for his musical career, he quickly evolved with the times, and as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube became the predominant social media platforms, Star emerged as a social media personality, makeup artist, and dilettante.

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Thanks to his celebrity status, Star's love life has become just as public as his makeup escapades. Let's look at what we know about Nathan Schwandt, their relationship, and the reason for their split. 

1. Why did Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt break up? Some reports suggest Schwandt was 'gay for play.'

Even though Star and Schwandt have been 'an item' since, officially, 2015, initially speculation suggested the duo was only together to get shared publicity. In fact, Star was allegedly the first man that Schwandt had been with, and that Schwandt may only be "gay for play."

Schwandt admitted he was attracted to "men who dress like women," and that growing up in the Midwest restricted his access to that. Despite the concerns, however, it was Schwandt who suggested to Star that he start his own YouTube channel, and Schwandt could possibly be credited with giving the world the "Jeffree Star" that we know today, who has gone above and beyond the MySpace star we knew back in the day.


A post shared by Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar) on Nov 19, 2019 at 12:17pm PST

2. Star confirmed their split. 

In a Youtube video dated January 11, 2020, as seen above, Star confirmed that he and Schwandt broke up. According to Star, the duo had actually been split for a few weeks before Star made the announcement.

What's more, Star said that Schwandt was "uncomfortable" with the spotlight and that contributed to their split. Finally, he said that while he and Schwandt were still friends, they needed to go through the process of their split, and Star was "going through it." 

3. Fans suspected that there was trouble in paradise when Star canceled his tour, citing "personal reasons."

Jeffree Star was originally going to do a "master class" tour with fellow makeup artist Mmmmitchell, but canceled the tour due to what his tour organizer Tatti Lashes called "personal reasons." He subsequently tweeted and deleted the tweets about said "personal reasons" for canceling this master class tour a few weeks later, leading fans to speculate that he and Schwandt had broken up.

At the time, Star dismissed the claims, but looking back on the timing of everything, fans realized that if he and Schwandt weren't officially "broken up" at that time, they were well on their way to sorting out the final details of the breakup. 

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4. The death of two of Star and Schwandt's dogs may have also played a role in the breakup. 

"We haven’t processed our dogs fully because this lifestyle is so crazy and we’re always on to the next thing. We were both so busy being there for each other that we forgot to be here for ourselves, and that’s what 2020 is — focusing on ourselves,” he said in the video. 

5. Did Schwandt leave Star for a woman? 

Here For The Tea posted an Instagram post that suggested that Schwandt had left Star for a woman. The messy gossip site subsequently edited the caption, and claimed that the "truth would come out" about the real reason for Schwandt and Star's split, but they took their drama to Twitter after fans of Star pointed out that they were right about other "beauty blogger" gossip in the past. 

6. But Star slammed those accusations. 

In a subsequently-deleted tweet which was captured by a fan's screenshot, Star took to his own Twitter account to slam Here For The Tea's accusations about his breakup with Schwandt. 

Whatever the truth of the matter, we hope that the duo find comfort during this difficult time. 

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