Kate Beckinsale And Jamie Foxx Spark Dating Rumors — Her Response On Instagram Is Priceless


Kate Beckinsale And Jamie Foxx Spark Dating Rumors — Her Response On Instagram Is Priceless getty

Some rumors are just too good to be true.

Just ask Kate Beckinsale, who knows that old saying is especially true when it comes to rumors fans desperately want to believe about her love life — like the one about her dating Jamie Foxx.

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The Underworld actress was spotted alongside Foxx at a Hollywood party last week, and their close proximity in photos sparked a ton of speculation about whether or not there was something going on between them.

Both of them have been believed to be out of relationships at the moment, leaving them free to find love. Could this be a new Hollywood power coupling?

Here's what we know about the rumors Kate Beckinsale and Jamie Foxx are dating.

1. Beckinsale and Foxx were spotted together at a Golden Globes Ambassadors party

Last week, Beckinsale, 46, and Foxx, 51, were among dozens of celebrities attending the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Golden Globe Ambassadors party.


Golden Globe Ambassadors are young people, typically the children of industry stars, who appear in the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony. In the past, they were called Mr. or Miss Golden Globes. Foxx's daughter Corinne was Miss Golden Globes in 2016. This year the honor will go to Pierce Brosnan's sons, Dylan and Paris.

During the star-studded event, photographers snapped multiple gorgeous photos of the two together. In several, he seems to have an arm around her waist as they pose for the cameras, the sense of intimacy heightened by the fact that you can see Foxx's hand on bare skin revealed by a cut-out in Beckinsale's dress.

The photo was enough to set the rumor mill on high gear and in the days after the event, folks were actively wondering if the two actors were a new couple.


2. Isn't Jamie Foxx dating Katie Holmes?

If you're confused because you thought Jamie Foxx was already dating a different actress named Kate, don't feel bad. That is true. Or at least, it was.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx had been one of the most private couples in Hollywood since 2013. They reportedly started dating not long after her divorce from Tom Cruise, but kept the relationship entirely private, never officially confirming or denying whether or not they were a couple.

Six years of secretly dating later, they seemed to have split up during the summer of 2019.

The first questions about a breakup surfaced when Foxx was spotted with singer Sela Vave in Hollywood in August. At the time, a source reportedly overheard Katie in a restaurant saying: "What Jamie does is his business — we haven’t been together for months.”


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3. And isn't Kate Beckinsale dating Pete Davidson?

For her part, Kate Beckinsale had been seeing "Saturday Night Live" star Pete Davidson.

Last winter, they seemed to be hitting it off at a Golden Globes after-party and that launched a four-month relationship. They were spotted kissing when they went to a hockey game together and he even talked about criticism about their age difference during a "Weekend Update" segment.

But the relationship didn't last and they reportedly broke up in April.


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4. Beckinsale responded brilliantly on Instagram

Despite what celebrity watchers were hoping might happen between Foxx and Beckinsale, she wants us all to know that not only isn't there any romance brewing between the two, we should be more mindful about making such assumptions.

In a post on her Instagram account, Beckinsale shared two additional photos from the same event, one of her posing between Foxx and Farming director Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje, and another with her good friend Jonathan Voluck, Executive Assistant to SVP of Drama Development in Paramount Television at Paramount Pictures, also with his arm around his waist.

"I would like to point out that standing next to someone does not mean I am dating them," she captioned the Insta post. "Currently in line at the dry cleaners and if that’s true I’ve got a hell of a problem."


While this might be sad news for those who were standing next to the crush-worthy star in that line, it's a nice reminder to gossip-mongers that people can chat at a party without falling in love.

5. Beckinsale is newly divorced

Not only is she not dating Jamie Foxx, but she also is officially not married anymore.

The actress wed director Len Wiseman in 2004 after meeting on the set of Underworld the previous year. They were together until 2015, when they announced that they had separated. It's been reported that, as happens with many couples in the entertainment industry, the strain of having to spend a lot of time apart was more than their marriage could survive.


Wiseman filed for divorce in 2016, and their divorce was finalized earlier this month.

6. Foxx may be dating an Instagram model

Foxx may have a new special someone in his life, but it isn't Kate Beckinsale. The woman in question is Dana Caprio, a model who is about half his age.

The 26-year old is a fitness model who also waits tables at RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump's Sur restaurant and manages a boxing gym. Foxx, always reticent about sharing the details of his personal life, hasn't commented on their status, but he regularly hits like on her Instagram photos, and she was also reportedly seen with him on Halloween when he headed out to a club to perform with Snoop Dog and Busta Rymes.

So for now, this rumor is nothing but a rumor, and Kate Beckinsale is still single as far as we know.


Unless she did meet someone at the dry cleaners after all ...

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