Who Is Matt Rife? New Details About Kate Beckinsale's Ex-Boyfriend Who Warned Pete Davidson About Dating Her

He has some advice for Pete Davidson.

What Is Matt Rife? New Details About Kate Beckinsale's Ex-Boyfriend Who Warned Pete Davidson About Dating Her

When Ariana Grande broke Pete Davidson’s heart, we all felt for him. It’s not easy to be dumped by one of the biggest names in music, and have to go through the breakup while in the spotlight, nonetheless. It may have even been his heartbreak that led him to put a suicidal post on Instagram, to which Grande responded and showed up to be there for her ex. 

Luckily, Davidson has since moved on and has made his new romance with actress Kate Beckinsale public. The two have been spotted together since January 2019, when they left a Golden Globes after party together. They’ve been seen at multiple events together, including sporting events, kissing, holding hands, and packing on some serious PDA.


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Sources for Us Weekly have said, “Pete only has eyes for Kate. She’s cool and fun. It’s long distance, but they’re taking it slow. They have an incredibly physical connection. She makes him laugh. He thinks she’s great and really smart.”


But one man has some words of advice for Davidson: get out of there! That man is none other than Matt Rife, one of Beckinsale’s ex-boyfriends.

But who is Matt Rife, and why is he so intent on warning Davidson of his new fling? Here are four things to know about Rife, his involvement with Beckinsale, and why he’s telling Davidson to enjoy it while it lasts.

1. He’s a comedian.



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Rife first got into stand-up comedy when he was 15 and has hilariously referred to himself as the “Justin Bieber of comedy.” After being inspired to commit to a career in comedy by comics Dave Cook and Dane Cook, he followed his dreams and hasn’t looked back.


He’s since headlined a comedy show for Dane Cook, has toured with big names like Ralphie May, Finesse Mitchell, and Mike Epps.

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2. He started as an actor.



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Before his career in comedy, Rife hosted Total Request Live on MTV, and had roles in Average Joe, and Room 236. He also had a role in Brooklyn Nine-Nineand was featured on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out.


3. He used to date Beckinsale.

Just like Davidson, Rife was once the much-younger boyfriend of Beckinsale. The two dated in 2017 when Rife was just 21 years old. Beckinsale was in the midst of a divorce from her ex-husband, Len Wiseman, when she and Rife got together, though neither ever publicly confirmed their relationship.

But during their time together, Rife posted on social media, saying, “Age is just a number, find someone you love and take their breath away... Even if that means putting a kink in their oxygen tank cord. #LifeAlertTypeOfLove.” Beckinsale was also said to be a huge fan of his comedy, and was frequently spotted supporting her man.

But as people began to refer to Rife as her boytoy and lover, Rife grew sick of the label and after a few months, the two split up. Sources say it was because Beckinsale’s top priority was her 18-year-old daughter, whom she shares with her ex, Michael Sheen, and she didn’t commit to their relationship.

According to Rife, “We dated for a year... it was complicated. For sure. A lot of ups and downs. But she’s moved on.” But is Rife jealous or just trying to warn Davidson of another heartbreak?


4. He has some words for Davidson.



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In an interview, Rife was quick to offer his advice to Beckinsale’s new man. “Advice for Pete? Man to man… run. Enjoy it while you can. I hope they’re both happy. I hope that it can build to where it’s an established, good relationship. I don’t have any solid advice. Just be careful,” he said.

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