Where Is Logan Brown Today? New Details What The Oldest 'Sister Wives' Son Is Up To

Is he planning to be a polygamist?

Where Is Logan Brown Today? New Details What The Oldest 'Sister Wives' Son Is Up To getty

When Sister Wives premiered in 2010, TLC audiences got to meet Kody Brown, his wives Meri, Janelle, and Christine, and their twelve kids. That's right — Truley wasn't born until the middle of the first season.

As the seasons progressed, the family added Robyn, the fourth wife, her three kids from a previous marriage, and two more babies, bringing the grand total up to five adults and 18 children. Fans have watched the kids grow up, move out, and even get married and have babies of their own. 


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The first child to leave the nest was oldest son Logan Brown. Kody and Janelle's first child — and the first child period for the plural family — stayed on the show during his school years, but in the recent seasons, he hasn't made many appearances on camera.


Now, the family is starting a new season, but Logan Brown, who is now 25 years old, is nowhere to be seen. Where is Logan Brown today? Read up on all the details about the oldest Brown child. 

Where is Logan Brown today?

He was the first Brown baby — born to Kody's second wife, Janelle.

Brown's biological mom is Janelle Brown, who's actually dad Kody's second wife. He had already been married to Meri for three years when they took Janelle as a second wife.

All of the adults wanted to have children, but Meri has explained on the show it took years for her to get pregnant with Mariah, who would end up being her only child. Janelle, however, conceived Brown not long after getting married to Kody in 1993. Logan arrived in May of 1994. 


He had to take a lot of responsibility on as the oldest child. 

In the early seasons, fans got to see how Brown pitched in around the house to help his moms with his younger siblings. Janelle alone had five younger kids, and they all shared a section of the multi-family home in Utah they lived in with the other wives and kids.

Because Brown's mother worked full-time during the first few seasons, she relied on her oldest son to help with chores around the house and taking care of his siblings. 

Logan seized his independence when he got the chance to go to college.

As the oldest child, he was the first to go through the college application process. By the time he was picking a school, the family had relocated to Las Vegas, which afforded him college choices that would keep him close to his parents.


His family made no secret of the fact that they wanted him to stay nearby, but he did look at out of state schools before deciding to attend UNLV. However, he never chose to live at home and commute to classes. From the beginning, he was living on campus and building his life there.

While he was in college, he spent less time on camera and more time being a college guy.

Brown went all-in on the college experience. He was in the honors college at UNLV and worked for the admissions department as a recruiter. He also had a campus job as personal aide to the chief of staff at the University.

He studied kinesthesiology and graduated with his bachelor's in 2017. During that time, he started bodybuilding. Pictures from his college years show that he spent plenty of time in the gym — and he was totally ripped. 


He met Michelle Petty in college.

UNLV is also where Brown met Michelle Petty. The couple started as friends, but began dating around 2014. Petty would make occasional appearances on Sister Wives, and joined them for family events and socialized with Brown's siblings when cameras were around.

Mom Janelle isn't shy about sharing how much she likes Petty, posting to celebrate her birthday and bragging about her cooking skills

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Brown proposed to Petty in 2017.

After several years of dating, the couple was ready to take the next step and Brown planned to propose to Petty during a trip to Austin, TX in 2017. 


“We were on Congress Bridge in Austin, Texas, enjoying the city,” Brown said in an interview at the time. “We had just finished seeing a favorite band of ours. Unfortunately, nothing in my elaborate plan had successfully gone through. So in desperation, I found the prettiest view of the Colorado river, Congress Bridge. We walked out to the middle of the bridge, and then I popped the question!”

His parents were thrilled to welcome Petty to the family. “I was kind of getting worried cause I’m pretty attached to Michelle — I was getting a little bit worried that Logan would let her slip away so I’m glad to see some commitment here," Janelle said about the engagement.

Brown proposed in 2017.


What's next for this couple? 

After getting engaged, the pair didn't start planning a wedding right away. Both were in graduate school and felt no need to rush marriage while they were busy studying. Petty was working on a degree in criminal justice and Brown was getting his MBA.

They also apparently decided to take their lives private. Both restricted their Instagram accounts so fans can't peek at their photos anymore and they have said they won't film their eventual wedding for the show.

Petty still has a public Twitter account where she talks about school and retweets stuff about UNLV sports as well as the occasional photo of herself and Brown. And Brown also has a public account on Twitter, but hasn't posted anything since June 2018.


Will Brown take more wives after Petty?

Brown has very clearly said he didn't want to live the polygamist lifestyle. Petty doesn't come from that kind of religious tradition, so it's not important to her, either.

In an old episode of the show, they told cameras that it was never even a consideration for them when they started dating, because Brown already knew he didn't want that kind of family for himself. He said it comes with sacrifices that he wasn't willing to make, although he acknowledges it was worth it for his own parents. 

What's this about Logan Brown and a baby carriage?

It's true — kind of. Petty posted a photo last year of Brown pushing a stroller and captioned it, "My handsome boys." But the occupant of the stroller isn't a baby. It's the couple's cat. Whatever else they are up to these days, they're doing it with a furry friend. 


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a kitty in a kitty carriage.


Kody Brown recently revealed why his older children stopped appearing on the show.

Brown was recently interviewed on the podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey, where he opened up about why the older kids in the family haven't appeared on the show as much anymore. 

He said, “My older children aren’t always interested in being part of the show. And they don’t always have a story to follow. They’re trying to live professional lives. And sometimes it’s a hard balance to make.”

Fans on Twitter often ask about Logan, in particular, whose disappearance from the reality show seemed sudden to them. During the family's big move to Arizona in 2019, some fans wondered why the oldest Brown child wasn't around to help. And others wondered whether or not Logan may have not been interested in being part of the family anymore.


But fans now have their answer, and it seems to be simply that the older Brown kids have become adults now and are ready to lead their own lives away from the cameras. 

The new season of Sister Wives airs Sundays on TLC.

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