What Is An Enneagram & Which Type Best Describes Your Zodiac Sign

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What Is An Enneagram & Which Type Best Describes Your Zodiac Sign

While we can take a personality test to determine who we are on the inside, rather than what we show to the world, there are multiple ways to see what type of personality you fall into. Whether it's Myers-Briggs, Rorschach, or even looking at an optical illusion photo, one system categorizes you by how you see the world and manage your emotions.

What is an enneagram?

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The enneagram is broken down into 9 different personality traits, and we all fall into one category. It's actually pretty relatable and interesting to get a chance to learn all these new things about our personalities, most of which we probably couldn't see before.

Enneagram is used for helping people get a better understanding of their personality type, as well as why they behave the way they do. You can use this knowledge to get a closer look at the kind of person you are, but also to improve yourself.

How do you determine your enneagram type?

Unlike your zodiac sign, which you can determine based on your birth date, you can find your enneagram type by taking the test. It takes about 10 minutes to complete, but once you're done, you'll be separated into one of the 9 personality categories.

Look for yours (and maybe even help your friends figure out theirs) and then embrace how much it actually relates to your personality.

Think about it: how many times did you see a meme about your zodiac sign and thought, "Wow, that's so me"? Well, be prepared to do that again except, this time, it's your enneagram type that's relatable.

How do the zodiac signs related to the enneagram?

Whether or not you've ever heard of enneagram types, this system shares a similarity with our zodiac sign because it reveals our character traits. Based on our knowledge of our zodiac sign and astrology, it's easier to pinpoint which one we fall under. 

Once you find out which enneagram you fall into, let's see which zodiac sign is most like the description.

1. The Reformer

If you're a Reformer, you're most likely a perfectionist. The most common zodiac sign used to describe a perfectionist is Virgo.

You're detail-oriented and have a strong sense of right and wrong. But don't forget to take a step back. We can't fix everything; sometimes we need to be happy with what's right in front of us.

2. The Helper

You're a giver and thrive on the love you receive from others, which describes the Helper. When you think of Cancer, you think of a mother at home baking cookies and nurturing her children.

Cancers show love and become hurt when they don't get the same appreciation back. But at the end of the day, you need to focus on loving yourself. 

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3. The Achiever

The Achiever means you're a go-getter, trying do the best at your job or even your appearance. This can best be described as a Leo.

This zodiac sign is accustomed to working hard, but just remember that we don't always triumph, but failure can show us what we really needed all along. 

4. The Individualist

The Individualist is known for being creative and intuitive. The sign that emcompasses these traits is Pisces.

You feel everything, making you very empathetic for others' feelings. This may also be seen as the "irrational enneagram" because you allow emotions to drive you.You may not like everything you're hearing, but Pisces adds color to black and white situations. 

5. The Investigator

You're intellectual and observant, meaning you fit into the Investigator type. And this personality type fits well as an Aquarius.

You try anything you can to better understand your surroundings, as well as the people around you. They want to learn research to better understand things and share their knowledge.

6. The Loyalist

You tend to be anxious about letting people in and have trust issues. These are similar traits to Capricorn.

However, when you let someone in after you’ve fully evaluated them, you're loyal to them. You're a hard worker because you crave stability and prepare yourself for hard situations.

Don’t stress yourself with not being able to solve your issues at the moment; just take a step back and let it play out without jumping to conclusions. 

7. The Enthusiast

Just as this personality type describes, you have this energy and enthusiasm about you that keeps the rest of us entertained. And your energetic persona is associated with Sagittarius.

You're outgoing and adventurous. You may even take on a lot of roles, and are a bit of a multitasker.

8. The Challenger

Not only are you overly protective of the ones you love, but you can take on any challenges that present themselves to you. It's just like Aries.

You're not only a natural born leader — if you know what you want, you go for it.

9. The Peacemaker

You help others feel relaxed with how understanding you are and the way you help provide tranquility. And it's Libra that shares these same qualities.

You're good at avoiding conflict while also making peace with those around them. And Libra has a sense of fairness and peacefulness when it comes to fixing a situation.

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