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Who Is Rita Wilson's Hairstylist Who Didn't Show Up To The Golden Globes? An Investigation

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Who Is Rita Wilson's Hairstylist Who Didn't Show Up To The Golden Globes? An Investigation

Getting ready to hit the red carpet at an awards show is an event in and of itself but this year, one of the show’s attendees hit a bit of a bump in the road while she was prepping for the night out.

In a message she shared on Twitter and Instagram, Rita Wilson accused her hairstylist of being late and she was stressing — and she let all of her followers on social media know about it. 

So far, Wilson hasn’t shared an update on how the saga involving her glam ended, but people are definitely curious about the unprofessional hairstylist she hired that showed up late (or possibly didn’t show up at all). So who is Wilson’s hairstylist who didn’t show up before the Golden Globes? Here’s everything we know about the situation. 

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1. Wilson shared her hairstylist dilemma on Instagram.


A post shared by Rita Wilson (@ritawilson) on Jan 5, 2020 at 1:57pm PST

The ordeal began when Wilson took to Instagram to share a photo of herself before the Golden Globes — makeup-free and with her hair unstyled in loose waves. “What you look like when your hair and makeup person for the @goldenglobes is one and a half hours late even though you booked him in September,” she wrote. “Will leave one hour to do hair and makeup.” 

It makes sense that Wilson was stressed — after all, an hour isn’t very much time for hair and makeup, especially while prepping for a big event that will be full of photographers like the Golden Globes.

2. She also shared updates in a series of tweets. 

At almost 5:00 pm EST, Wilson wrote, “My hair and makeup person is one hour and twenty minutes late,” sharing another update less than 10 minutes later that read, “Hair and makeup still not here. Trying to be zen.” 

In her next tweet, Wilson added, “Booked this person in September. Hair and makeup still not here.”

Unfortunately, that would be her last update — she never let her fans know if the pro she hired arrived, if she called in back up, or if she ended up doing her hair and makeup herself, but it was obviously a tough situation. 

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3. Who was Rita Wilson's hairstylist who didn't show up to the Golden Globes? So far, she isn’t spilling who her stylist is. 

Other than calling her stylist a “him” in her Instagram post, she left no indication of who this person might be — despite the fact that many people, including fellow celebrities, were dying to know who he was. In fact, Chrissy Teigen even tweeted in response to Wilson, “I cannot go on until I know who, I have no life.” 

But Wilson didn’t respond to any of the comments and questions on Twitter and Instagram, so if she shared the stylist’s name with her celebrity friends, so far, she’s keeping it private.

4. She was recently spotted with hairstylist Chris McMillan.

Since Wilson’s not talking, all we can do is try to narrow down the suspects. Not too long ago, she shared a photo where she posed with Chris McMillan on Instagram — a famed celebrity stylist.

It’s not likely that McMillan is the hairstylist in question, though, even if he's friends with Wilson. His client list includes everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Kim Kardashian to Miley Cyrus, so if anyone knows to show up on time for Golden Globes prep, it would be him.

5. At another event, her hair was done by DJ Quintero. 

When Wilson attended the premiere of husband Tom Hanks’ movie It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood back in November, she showed off her look on Instagram and thanked her stylist, DJ Quintero, for her hair. It doesn’t seem like Quintero was the one who Wilson hired, though.

According to his Instagram, he styled Eiza Gonzales for InStyle’s Golden Globes party, so it seems like he was already booked Sunday night. 

6. Wilson did eventually make it to the Globes. 

And it seems like her hair and makeup did get done so she could celebrate her husband Tom Hanks’ big award — he was being honored with Cecil B. DeMille award for 'outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment' — although she didn’t share by who. Either way, Wilson looked great, even if she was in a major time crunch when it came to finishing up her glam before she had to leave for the Globes.

We may never know who the stylist was who let her down, but all that matters is that Wilson was able to make it to the awards (and she looked amazing doing it). 

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