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Is Whoopi Goldberg's Hair Loss Normal — Or A Sign Of Something Serious?

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What Happened To Whoopi Goldberg's Hair? Whether 'The View' Host's Hair Loss Is Normal — Or A Sign Of Something Serious

What happened to Whoopi Goldberg's hair? 

The Oscar-winning actress-turned-View host has been rocking a new and improved look for the past few weeks. That, of course, has heralded much comment from her fans — some of whom like her new style, and others who think it's far too "different" for their tastes. 

But now, there are rumors that suggest that her "different" look is covering up a hair loss problem. And there are still others who believe that this "hair loss" is a sign of something more serious. 

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So let's get to the bottom of it all. What happened to Whoopi Goldberg's hair and should we, as her fans, be concerned? 

1. She was sick earlier this year. 

In February 2019, Whoopi Goldberg was hospitalized with severe sepsis (toxicity of the blood) and pneumonia (a lung infection). The situation was so dire that she missed a month of taping of The View. When she returned to the show, she told the audience that she "nearly lost her life." 

2. Whoopi Goldberg is reportedly under a lot of stress at The View

As fans of The View know, Whoopi Goldberg is under a lot of pressure and stress on the show. In fact, not long ago, she and Meghan McCain got into such an intense dust-up that fans were wondering if either party would return!

And this stress, according to some doctors, is causing Whoopi to lose her hair. 

3. Stress and sickness may be causing her to lose her hair.

But the 64-year-old legend isn't just reportedly losing her hair. Medical experts are reportedly "alarmed" that she lost a lot of weight, as well as lost the hair on her face (including on her eyebrows).

This extreme hair loss is unusual, say some medical experts, and could be coming from a combination of both stress and sickness. What's more, Whoopi says that she "lost a lot of weight" in recent months, and that weight loss is causing her to also lose her hair. 

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4. But Whoopi Goldberg's co-workers are concerned that this might be a sign of "something serious."

Another rumor surrounding Whoopi Goldberg's hair loss has to do with the possibility that she may be undergoing chemotherapy. Her co-workers are reportedly concerned that her hair loss is a sign of "something more serious," and she's hiding it from her cast members so they don't have to worry. 

5. So what happened to Whoopi Goldberg's hair? The View host has a different story altogether. 

The reason that Whoopi Goldberg looks so different is because she had to switch up her hair for an upcoming role as "Mother Abigail" in a re-boot of Stephen King's classic, The Stand. Celebrity stylist Jeffrey Bautista did her hair for the role, and she liked it so much that it looks like she's keeping it.

She also said that even though she has a whole new look, she will continue to co-host The View, though acting is still her "first love" and she appreciates the show's producers for allowing her to pursue her passions. 

6. But Goldberg didn't always like her new hair. 

When Whoopi Goldberg first switched up her hair, she wasn't exactly a fan of the new look. In fact, she seemed to hate it.

"The reason I look like this — it is not necessarily by choice. It’s because I’m in the new adaptation of Stephen King’s movie. It’s a book that he wrote about 20, 30 years ago and I’m playing a woman called Mother Abigail, who is a lady over 100 years old," she said

Seems like she's changed her mind, and likes it now!

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