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Meet Ricky Gervais' Girlfriend: Author & Television Producer Jane Fallon

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ricky gervais and jane fallon

Ricky Gervais started his career in entertainment in the early 1980s following studies at the University College London. He was part of the pop group Seona Dancing, which earned a record deal but failed to achieve major success in his native England.

Gervais eventually found his way into radio as a host on the alternative station Xfm, which is where he met Stephen Merchant, with whom he later co-created "The Office." But "The Office" is just one of Gervais' career-high points, as he also created or co-created other notable TV shows like "Extras," "The Ricky Gervais Show," "Life's Too Short," "An Idiot Abroad," "After Life" and "Derek."

These days, Ricky Gervais has a multi-faceted career, to say the least. He's a podcaster, a touring stand-up comic, and a political activist beyond his prolific work within film and television. He has also earned a lot of notoriety being a five-time host of the Golden Globes telecast, including 2020's 77th Golden Globes ceremony.

Interestingly, Gervais has had the same partner for decades.

Who is Ricky Gervais' girlfriend, Jane Fallon?

Below are some of the things you ought to know about Ms. Fallon, who herself is a well-respected figure within the entertainment world.

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Jane Fallon was born in Harrow, Middlesex, England in December 1960. She has extensive credits as both a television producer and an author and an estimated net worth of $1.75 million.

She's a producer.

Within television, she has produced dozens of episodes of "EastEnders," and "This Life and Teachers."

Jane Fallon is an author.

As an author, Fallon is the author of 10 Sunday Times Top 10 Bestsellers including "Getting Rid Of Matthew," "Got You Back," "Foursome," "The Ugly Sister," "Skeletons," "Strictly Between Us," "My Sweet Revenge," "Faking Friends," and "Tell Me A Secret."

"Foursome" was nominated for the Melissa Nathan Award For Romantic Comedy Fiction in 2011, and in 2018, "Faking Friends" was nominated in the popular fiction category of the National Book Awards.

Recently, Fallon has been promoting her new book titled "Worst. Idea. Ever." on Instagram and on Twitter. The book is set to release on April 29th, 2021. 

Fallon and Gervais have been together for a long time.

Gervais and Fallon met while both studying at the aforementioned University College London. Their relationship reportedly goes back to 1982, while they have been known to be living together since 1984.

The couple struggled at first with their careers and lived in a flat in Kings Cross when it was known for its street crime, pimps, vice girls, and drug dealers at the time. 

"We went through a good few years when we had absolutely no money, and I've talked about this before — the brothel we lived above in Kings Cross — I always knew I had a plan to build up a career and I think once you do that it does mean a lot more because you've worked for all of it," Fallon explained in an interview with Britains Loose Women panel.

Fallon and Gervais are not married.

While in a relationship for close to 40 years, Gervais and Fallon are not married, nor do they have any children. They do, however, share a cat named Ollie, as given to them by British talk show host Jonathan Ross on-air.

The reason why Fallon and Gervais never got married was that they both don't believe in God. They explained in Britain's Sunday Times, "there's no point in us having an actual ceremony before the eyes of God because there is no God."


Managed to do my dress up! #GoldenGlobes

A post shared by Jane Fallon (@janefallon2) on Jan 5, 2020 at 2:36pm PST

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Fallon's decision not to have children did not come from not liking children.

It can be controversial among friends and family to tell them that you have decided not to have children. Especially when you have been with the same partner long-term and are seemingly healthy.

For Fallon, she explained in a 2016 interview that she has "never regretted not having kids" and that "even as a child" she "found it hard to imagine being a mum." Rather than it being a career-oriented decision, it had to do with personal preferences: "I didn’t want to have children because doing so just didn’t feel like me. Being a mother wasn’t who I was meant to be."

Within the same 2016 interview, she noted Gervais to feel the same as her: "Thankfully, my partner, Ricky, felt the same — not that I would make a terrible mother, or if he did think that he thoughtfully kept that to himself. We were happy with our decision and we still are."

Fallon attends events with Gervais.

Not all partners of celebrities walk red carpets or attend high-profile events, especially when those celebrities are known to hurl insults at their peers. Fallon and Gervais, however, are often seen together at industry events. In fact, she has been photographed alongside Gervais at many events over the years.

Fallon is not press-shy, as she often does press in support of her writing. But she does get polled from time to time about Gervais' Golden Globe jokes.

Fallon does not live in Los Angeles.

As a veteran of both the television and literary worlds, along with the demands of having a prolific writer and creator of a partner, Jane Fallon is expected to pop up in Los Angeles from time to time. But she is not one of the Londoners who aspires to a full-time life in L.A.

Per a 2018 interview, she prefers “dipping in and out of” Los Angeles living. She further clarified that she “would never want to live somewhere that didn’t really have weather" and she is “lucky that I can step away from that [lifestyle].”

Fallon is active on social media.

Fallon has active accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Her Twitter account currently has over 95,000 followers and is used on a daily basis to tweet and/or re-tweet messages.

On January 5th, 2020, the date of the 77th Golden Globes, Fallon's Twitter account included several messages related to her attendance at the event. In turn, it is clear that Fallon is highly supportive of Gervais and his ongoing hosting of the Golden Globes.

Fallon is a huge animal lover. 

Just by looking at Fallon's Instagram or Twitter, almost all of it is either her cat or posting other cats she sees outside her house or all other animals she spots.

Recently she's shared photos of foxes in her backyard, which she named Brad, Mangylina, and Minnie. Someone made a meme with a photoshopped Fallon on Disney princess Snow Whites' face, as she loves animals so much. Jane responded saying, "This is my dream life right there."

Fallon's old cat Ollie passed away during the start of the pandemic in March 2020. Fortunately, she was able to fill the void that Ollie left with a new foster cat that she couldn't give up and named her Pickles. Both cats have their own Twitter accounts: Ollie's was @Myleftfang with 61.5 thousand followers and Pickles is @PickliciousF with 47.3 thousand followers. 

Jane also often reposts on Twitter different charity tweets for Animals or different animal organizations raising money. Recently she and Gervais helped Paws 2 Rescue U.K. in their "Walk To Build A Safer Future!" 20k race fundraiser to build a new animal sanctuary in Romania.

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