Who Is Ms. Sethi? A$AP Rocky Reportedly Suing Adult Film Star For Leaking Their Sex Tape

She might be in big trouble!

Who Is Ms. Sethi? A$AP Rocky Reportedly Suing Adult Film Star For Leaking Their Sex Tape Getty Images

Who is Ms. Sethi? When the A$AP Rocky sex tape leaked back in December 2019, hip hop fans were wondering who, exactly, was the lucky (or, if you believe the Twitter-sphere, not-so-lucky) lady at the receiving end of the "Praise The Lord" rapper's stroke game.

It later emerged that his partner was an adult film actress who is very popular among hip hop fans. But now, there's a chance she may be at the wrong end of a lawsuit surrounding this sex tape leak (even though A$AP Rocky denied it was him on the explicit video). 


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Let's look at what we know about this mysterious lady, including allegations she released the tape and if she's being held legally accountable.


1. Who is Ms. Sethi? She's an adult film actress. 

Like many models in the hip hop industry, Ms. Sethi is an adult film actress who has an OnlyFans account, where she shares exclusive content with people who pay for a subscription. She also has several free videos available on several NSFW adult sites.

It was, in fact, her uploads to these adult sites that could have gotten her in trouble with A$AP Rocky. 



2. A$AP Rocky is allegedly exploring his legal options against her. 

According to one report, A$AP Rocky is allegedly looking into suing Ms. Sethi for "leaking" his sex tape against his will. However, this is only a report from one site with no real backup to prove their statements, so we'll just treat this as the rumor that it is. 


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3. Very little is known about Ms. Sethi. 

Because she made her social media accounts private following the sex tape leak, little is known about Ms. Sethi. However, what is known is that she's Indian by descent, is based in New York City, and has over a million followers on Instagram.

She also has an extensive Amazon wish list available for her fans to buy her things — such as an out-of-stock vest, leggings, and an expensive camera — if they want to. 




4. It took no time for Twitter to "drag" Ms. Sethi for allegedly leaking the A$AP Rocky sex tape. 

When it was all but revealed that A$AP Rocky was sleeping with Ms. Sethi in the sex tape, fans quickly took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the performer. The feedback, needless to say, was less-than-favorable.


One user commented in a now-deleted tweet that she needed to be "dragged" for "leaking the tape like a thot." (THOT is short for "That H** Over There" or "Thirsty H** Over There.") Another called her a "surgeon-built Insta-thot." And still another implied that she was only good for her "a**." (How nice.) 

5. Thanks to the A$AP Rocky sex tape, Ariana Grande tried to set her friend up with the rapper. 

Shoot your shot, girl! After A$AP Rocky released his statement on behalf of his penis, insisting that it wasn't him on the sex tape, Ariana Grande responded by trying to set him up with her friend, Courtney Chipolone.

Grande sent out a tweet, writing, "my friend courtney says it looks just fine ! (@ courtneychipolone on ig)." (A$AP Rocky hasn't responded to the tweet, for the record.)

6. So, who keeps leaking these sex tapes?

As we've previously pointed out, A$AP Rocky is just one of many people who have had recent "nude leaks". (Steph CurryDaBaby, and Logan Paul have also been the victim of current "leaks.") It begs the question: who keeps leaking these sex tapes?


It will be interesting to see what all happens from here.

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