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Here's The Kevin Hart Sex Tape (That The Married Actor Did NOT Want Released)

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Kevin Hart

It looks like the Kevin Hart sex tape scandal is officially over and done with.

For some celebrities, like Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham, having a sex tape go public made them even more famous than they were before the tapes came out.

But for others, like Nadya "Octomom" Suleman, the tape did nothing substantial for their careers and was just a huge embarrassment.

Unfortunately, the Kevin Hart sex tape seemed to be more like the second group — and since it first came out publicly in 2017, it continued to be the gift that kept on giving. Until now, that is.

The public can forgive sex tapes and cheaters, but when the cheater is being unfaithful for the second time with the woman they were cheating with before — except this time, she's his very pregnant wife and he considers himself a Christian — they may have a more difficult time forgiving him.

The Kevin Hart sex tape had been leaked in different parts.

In each part, the videographer (and possible partner) put in some of Hart's recent quotes about his life, marriage, and values, though there's no mistaking what the slapping sounds are.

Below, check out parts 1 and 2:

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While the videos are hardly graphic, they do show a naked man, allegedly Hart, walking around the room.

The videos may be blurry, but they're obvious enough with what they're trying to convey: Kevin Hart wasn't honoring his marriage vows or his promises to do better after cheating on his first wife.

Hart later came out and apologized to his wife Eniko Hart and their kids, saying he felt as if he had a target on his back and, because of that, he should be making smart decisions, but instead made a bad error in judgment.

He also said he had a "s****y moment where you know you're wrong." He regrets the mistakes he's made and deeply regrets the hurt he's caused.

Meanwhile, the woman who recorded the Kevin Hart sex tape admitted that she wanted to extort money from Hart!

And the reason he put together the whole Texas Hurricane Relief Fund was to counter-balance the damaging footage that would expose him for the "liar and cheater he is." The FBI was on the case and brough a suspect into custody.


A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on Nov 11, 2020 at 6:22am PST

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Eventually, the woman in Kevin Hart's sex tape was revealed to be Montia Sabbag.

She was trying to sue him for $60 million dollars, saying Hart was in on the whole thing. On Sept 20, 2019, Sabbag, who was represented by famed Hollywood lawyer Lisa Bloom, gave a press conference — the first time Hart's accuser had spoken publicly.

In October 2019, Hart filed a request to extend his answer to Sabbag's lawsuit — he was being sued by her for emotional distress and invasion of privacy — to an additional 30 days, saying that Sabbag was trying to "drag out the case."

In November 2019, Sabbag shot back, refiling her lawsuit with Hart for the third time; twice before, the court dismissed her claims for "lack of subject matter jurisdiction."

Her claim that she "suffered, and continues to suffer, tremendous emotional distress" over said sex tape had remained the same since the initial filing.  

In May 2020, the whole case was dismissed completely.

A federal judge recently ordered that all of Sabbag's claims against Hart in the 60 million dollar lawsuit have been dismissed. The court found that the suit was brought in the wrong venue. 

Before the decision was made, Hart had already been attempting to get the lawsuit dismissed and had also claimed that Sabbag had never even given him the legal documents. 

The court order stated, "Court finds that Plaintiff is domiciled in California. Because Plaintiff and defendants Kevin Hart and Jonathan Todd Jackson are all California citizens, there is no complete diversity of all parties in this action. The Court therefore lacks federal subject matter jurisdiction over Plaintiff’s claims."

Let's hope that Hart has learned his lesson this time, and will work on being the best husband and father he could possibly be.

He's older now, and maybe this sex tape scandal has made him a lot wiser.

Kevin Hart's wife, Eniko Hart, recently gave birth to their second child together.

The past is in the past, clearly, because Eniko Hart stuck by her husband through the difficult times, and the pair welcomed their second child together in Sept. of this year.

When is Kevin Hart's Netflix special coming out?

Kevin Hart's latest comedy special, Kevin Hart: Zero F**** Given, premieres on Netflix on Tuesday, Nov. 17. 

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on September 18, 2017 and was updated with the latest information.