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Ashley Weatherspoon Tried To Shade JR Smith's Wife Jewel Harris — And Got Roasted By K Michelle For It

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Who Is Ashley Weatherspoon? New Details On JR Smith's Ex-Girlfriend Who Got Trashed By K Michelle For Shading Jewel Harris

Who is Ashley Weatherspoon? 

Rumors about who the social media influencer is — or who she thinks she is — began flying the minute she took to social media to try to shade Jewel Harris, the estranged wife of NBA player JR Smith. Weatherspoon, as many know, used to date Smith, and their relationship ended badly. Somehow, though, she thought it would be a good idea to try to attack Smith's wife when it was revealed that Smith was cheating with Candice Patton, and K Michelle decided to let her know what the deal really was by roasting her alive for her insolence. (Good!)

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Here's what we know about Ashley Weatherspoon. 

1. Who is Ashley Weatherspoon? She's a social media influencer and Fabolous's assistant. 

Fabolous is a rapper who is best known for his song, "Girl You Be Killin' 'Em." And, Ashley Weatherspoon is someone who works as one of his "assistants." (What that entails, however, is unclear.) She also identifies as a "social media influencer" on her Instagram page. 


2. JR Smith dumped her in a very public and humiliating way. 

We can all agree JR Smith doesn't know the first thing about treating a woman with any level of respect. But he took his disrespect of women to a whole new level when he dumped Ashley Weatherspoon the way he did. After he took her away on a romantic vacation in the summer of 2015, he subsequently dumped Weatherspoon and married Jewel Harris in August of 2015. Worse yet, he didn't bother to inform Weatherspoon of their breakup — he just eloped with Harris and let Weatherspoon find out on social media. Gross.

3. When she first got with Smith, K Michelle dragged her for filth. 

Back in the early 2010s, JR Smith and K Michelle were dating. However, when K Michelle found out that Smith was a cheater (no way...), she dumped him. Smith subsequently took up with Weatherspoon, but that didn't make Weatherspoon happy. She started calling up K Michelle and accusing her of still trying to get with Smith, despite leaving him over cheating. K Michelle, never the shrinking violet, took to her Twitter in a series of tweets (that were, of course, subsequently deleted) and started calling her a "thot" (That H** Over There). She also told Weatherspoon to stop harassing her about Smith, because she wasn't interested in him romantically.

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4. Smith was subsequently caught stepping out on his wife with Candice Patton. 

In a story that has since gone viral, it was revealed that Smith was caught "creeping" with The Flash actress Candice Patton. The duo has been seeing each other since, at least, October 2019, even though he's still very publicly married to Harris. Harris subsequently took to her Instagram Live to publicly denounce Smith and Patton, though she also said, among other things, that she would "pray for them, for they know not what they do." 

5. Weatherspoon saw this as a perfect opportunity to trash Harris. 

Apparently feeling it appropriate to kick a woman while she was down, Weatherspoon took to her Instagram Live stories to insinuate that not only was Smith stepping out on Harris with Patton, but he was also stepping out on Harris with her. "But wasn't he in a relationship when..." she said on the site, allegedly implying that she and Smith were together while he was still married to Harris. Messy.

6. And K Michelle wasn't having it. 

When the gossip blogs started picking up on Weatherspoon's shady comments, K Michelle took to her Instagram (in a post that was subsequently deleted) to trash Weatherspoon, as well. "I know you not coming on here kicking this woman when she's down you dirty h*e. This the same b***h yall that called me about this n***a before he was married. B***h he left you at the alter and married the other woman and you still mad. Since you wanna be vocal tell them about how I got you fired from a good-paying job at Atlantic cause you were harassing the artist (ME) about a n***a and you STILL going. I'll beat yo a** on sight, h*e, if you don't leave this family alone and allow them space and some peace. You will get stomped in the name of the lord. I ain't forgot!" she said. 

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