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7 Bizarre New Details About Jake Paul And Alissa Violet's Relationship, Including The New Song He Dropped About Her

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7 Bizarre New Details About Jake Paul And Alissa Violet's Relationship, Including The New Song He Dropped About Her

Success in the world of YouTube stardom relies on finding constant ways to get attention from fans and followers. Maybe no one has commodified that better than Jake Paul.

The former Vine star figured out how to turn social media notoriety into a Disney Channel acting gig, a YouTube empire, a social media talent agency, and a whole bunch of super-messy romantic relationships.

Those relationships are on full display this week as he adds an MTV contract with his wife, Tana Mongeau, and a new song about his ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet, to his list of accomplishments.

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Paul has been talking up his first single "These Days" and even released a 28-minute video about his new music career. He started the video with the dramatic announcement that he was responsible for breaking up his ex Alissa Violet and her boyfriend FaZe Banks.

This kind of thing is a guaranteed way to grab the attention of fans of all these social media personalities and Jake's followers are buzzing about what a song about Alissa might mean for their relationship going forward, not to mention what it means for his marriage to Tana Mongeau.

What are all the new, juicy details of the Jake Paul/Alissa Violet relationship? Read on for all the wild details.

1. Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is a 22-year-old guy from Cleveland who got internet-famous by making funny videos on Vine with his brother Logan Paul. The two of them used their Vine, and later YouTube fame, to move out to LA and try their hands at show business careers. Jake even looked like he might go from social media to traditional media when he scored a role on Disney Channel's Bizaardvark.

He blew that opportunity after only a couple seasons, though, by getting a heap of bad press for his off-camera antics causing Disney to fire him. He and his housemates garnered the ire of neighbors in their upscale neighborhood by setting furniture on fire in their yard, making noise, and sharing their address publically so that fans gathered around their home day and night.

A local news channel did a segment on the situation and Disney was not amused. "They basically called me and were like, 'Yo, what's going on, what's going on?'" said Jake. "And I just explained the situation, and they were like, 'OK. We want to expedite this process of weaning you off the show.' And I was like, 'Yeah, that's fine. But it's going to look like you guys fired me.' And they were like, 'We can say that we mutually parted ways and blah, blah, blah.' And that's the reality of the story."

He focused on his social media career after that and grew his following into the millions. He started Team 10, which he bills as "the first ever social media label for the talent, by the talent. Team 10 is a unique incubator for aspiring social influencers."

2. Who is Alissa Violet?

Alissa Violet is a Jake Paul protege and former girlfriend. Like Paul, she is an Ohio native who had hopes of being a model and social media influencer. She met the Paul brothers at an appearance and Jake encouraged her to move to LA and pursue modeling.

That actually worked out for her and she was talking to modeling agents. She also signed a contract with Team 10 and started her own career in social media, often producing content with Jake

3. What's really going on in the Jake Paul/Alissa Violet relationship?

It should come as no surprise that these two started hooking up as well as making YouTube videos together. She was living in the Team 10 house with Jake and other YouTubers, and the two of them marketed themselves as "Jalissa." However, later Alissa would tell YouTuber Shane Dawson that the relationship was fraught with emotional abuse.

"I wasn’t getting abused every night when he came home from work, it wasn’t, like, physical abuse," Alissa recalled. "There was some things, like if we filmed a video and he had to push me into a bush, normally you would just act like you pushed harder — but he would actually shove me. He would just do it way too hard. One time, we got into a fight, he broke my brand new phone. I took his phone to try to break it, ran up the stairs. He dragged me down the steps. He’s not a physical abuser, but mentally and emotionally? 100 percent."

Jake shared his side of the story with Dawson as well and seemed to try and position himself as the victim in the relationship. 

“A lot of reason why I didn’t talk about the situation is to defend my brother and that’s why,” Jake said. “Alissa and I always really liked each other. We were always like dating, not really. It was a rocky relationship. I wasn’t — at the time — mature enough to know how to be a boyfriend. We would get into arguments and be fighting and go through ups and downs. Basically, I did a bunch of things that pissed her off and she wanted to get revenge, I guess is the word. It was just me not knowing how to treat her. It was just a bad situation, we just drove each other mad.”

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4. Jake and Alissa each lobbed cheating accusations at each other.

When Jalissa split into two separate people again, it happened, predictably, on social media. The pair started tweeting accusations at each other after Alissa allegedly returned home one day to find her stuff packed up and jake insisting that she move out.

In a now-deleted tweet, Jake said the reason behind the breakup was that Alissa hooked up with his older brother Logan and that he couldn't keep living with her after she broke his heart. Alissa said she couldn't really be cheating because they were never officially together and Jake was hooking up with other women the whole time.

Later, when Jake talked to Shane Dawson about the relationship, including the cheating allegations, he said, "I remember when I confronted her about [Logan], her justification was that, ‘you made me do this.’"

He went on to say, "And I think it’s because then we were on and off for year and half, I would go off and be with other girls and she would go and be with other guys. [Logan] basically said, ‘Oh I didn’t think you guys were actually a thing and that you were actually dating.'”

5. Who have Jake and Alissa dated since they broke up?

Because both Alissa and Jake are young and good-looking, it's no surprise they were each able to move on to other relationships. That's what 20-somethings tend to do. It's also no surprise that they went on to date other social media personalities.

Alissa was most recently involved with FaZe Banks, who lived in the Clout House, a group house of YouTubers that rivals the Team 10 house. In fact, Jake Paul started a beef with FaZe Banks over an incident where Banks possibly hit Jake's assistant in a crowd at a nightclub. Banks says it was an accident because they were all dancing and he was being careless. 

Jake dated another Team 10 housemate Erika Costell for a bit, but in April 2019, he was connected to Tana Mongeau for the first time. By June, Tana and Jake got engaged, in what many fans assumed was a stunt. If it was a stunt, they committed to it and had a big, splashy Vegas wedding in July, complete with cameras for Tana's MTV show Tana Turns 21 filming the whole event.

What was missing from the wedding, however, was a marriage license. So these two may not really be married in the legal sense. 

6. Was Jake's marriage the end of Jalissa forever?

The internet is forever and so, apparently, are the relationships that take place on the Internet. Jake is back this week talking about a song he is going to release on December 13, 2019 and the song is all about Alissa.

He released a 28-minute video about the making of the song and he shares that the lyrics trace their romantic path together from their long-distance relationship when she was in Ohio to their eventual split. So, even though he has moved on and gotten (fake) married, he still thinks about his past with Alissa.


A post shared by Jake Paul (@jakepaul) on Dec 7, 2019 at 12:41pm PST

Jake will release his song and video on December 13.

7. How does Jake's wife Tana Mongeau feel about the song?

Tana Mongeau fueled speculation that there was trouble in (fake marriage) paradise with her and Jake when she took a social media break earlier this month. She posted about it on social media to make sure everyone knew what she was doing.

But if the song and her hubby are stressing her out, that was erased on Wednesday when the couple confirmed that they were going to be hosting a new show called Bustedeness on MTV. Tana posted the news to Instagram saying, "The Paul’s... coming to a television near you. Never did I think growing up watching Ridiculousness I’d have an opportunity to be on a spinoff where Jake and I get to be bootleg Rob Dyrdek and Chanel West Coast. hahahaha.” 

So far, Alissa hasn't said anything about Jake's new song of her role in it but it's probably only a matter of time before she responds. 

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