Halle Berry Claims Baby Daddy Ex-Boyfriend Gabriel Aubry Is Racist, Ruined Her Life


Who Is Gabriel Aubry? New Details On Halle Berry's Claims Her Baby Daddy And Ex Is Racist Instagram

A long-time ago, a friend of mine said during one of Halle Berry's infamous breakups, "If Halle can't keep her man, what hope do mere mortals like us have?"  Indeed. The drama is heating up once again for Berry and one of her exes. This time it's her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry, the French-Canadian model she started dating in November 2005 after meeting on a Versace photoshoot. In March 2008, Berry gave birth to their daughter Nahla. In late April 2010, they announced that their relationship was over. Since then it's been nothing but drama. Now Berry's making explosive new claims about the psychological damage Aubry put her through. It's a mess, y'all. We really feel for Halle. Who is Gabriel Aubry? How did their relationship go so wrong? Let's recap what's gone on between Berry and Aubry in the past before going into the crazy details that have been revealed in the unsealed court documents from the former couple's custody battle.


1. The custody battle

In January 2011, Berry and Aubry embarked on their contentious custody battle over Nahla. The issue was that Berry wanted to move from Los Angeles to France with Nahla. Her new boyfriend, French actor Olivier Martinez lived in France. Aubry did not want Berry moving his daughter outside of Los Angeles. In November 2012, Berry's request to move Nahla to France was denied by the courts.


2. The restraining orders

Not even two weeks later, both Aubry and Martinez were treated for injuries sustained during a fight at Berry's house. Martinez performed a citizen's arrest on Aubry. Berry was granted a temporary emergency restraining order. Aubry was forbidden from coming within 300 feet of Berry, Nahla or Martinez. Aubrey also got a temporary restraining order against Martinez after he claimed that Martinez threatened to kill him if he didn't let Halle and Nahla move to France. 

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3. The custody agreement

In late November 2012, Berry and Aubry reached a custody agreement for Nahla. In June 2014, Halle Berry was mandated by the court to pay Aubry $16,000 a month in child support. She was also required to pay her baby daddy a back payment of $115,000 and pay for his $300,000 worth of attorney fees. 



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4. She claimed he's racist

Radar obtained newly released court papers that reveal that Halle Berry claimed Aubry was racist and ruined her life with his psychological abuse. She alleged that he frequently used racial epithets. She also said that he refused to recognize Nahla as biracial.


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5. She claimed he had an incestuous relationship with one of his sisters

In the documents from the custody battle, Berry also said that Aubry had an incestuous relationship with one of his eight siblings. She claimed that he told her this relationship began while he was growing up and went on for years. Berry said this led to his history of psychological issues that he refused to get help for. 



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6. It ruined their sex life

Berry testified that the lasting damage from Aubry's incestuous relationship ruined their sex life. She said: “After the first six months of our relationship, our sex life diminished and after one year we had sex less than three times per year,” Halle testified, according to legal documents in the 2011 case. “[Gabriel] refused to either recognize or accept responsibility for these issues. Instead, he criticized my body in ways which are very demeaning to women. I finally convinced Petitioner to go to a joint therapist to address these issues.”


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7. Her screaming matches

Radar also reported that Berry provoked Aubry into his attacks on her. In defense of Aubry, a source told the outlet that Berry subjected Aubry to "nasty screaming fits." The source went on to say: “Contrary to public perception, Halle has a particularly nasty temper, and she can be really controlling and ­vindictive."

8. Co-parenting after all the drama

Nicki Swift reported that Berry and Aubry were together in 2018 at a carnival with Nahla. It's nice to see that after all the drama the exes can come together for the sake of their daughter. 


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