Halle Berry Takes Control In Bed

Halle Berry Takes Control in Bed

You go girl! More gems have been released from Halle Berry’s interview after the magazine named her the Sexiest Woman Alive. According to The Improper, the 42-year-old actress feels that better sex comes with age and, as she puts it, “(They’re) much better orgasms than when I was 22, and I wouldn’t let a man control that. Not anymore. Now, I’d invite them to participate. I’ve learned my tricks. I know what I like. I do not wait around. I initiate. And I’m not all about frequency; I favor intensity.” 

Can I get an “amen” from the choir?

The Oscar winner just became a new mom to daughter Nahla in March and was quite surprised by the honor Esquire bestowed upon her.  The sexy actress took this as an opportunity to give her views on what sexy means to her.  Halle has been married twice before to former baseball player David Justice and singer Eric Benet and has sworn never to marry again, even though she is happily involved with her baby daddy, Calvin Klein campaign model and restaurateur Gabriel Aubry.  When asked if she would consider giving younger men a try if her relationship with Aubry broke off, she sniffed at the comment, saying, “Men in their 20s? Forget it.”

I guess that pretty much settles the “cougar” rumors, doesn’t it?  She may be ten years older than Aubry, but this jungle cat is no cradle robber.

I applaud Halle for her honestly and openness about taking command of your sex life.  Thank goodness someone else is out here saying it.  Ladies, all men want to be better lovers but no one else does (or should) know your body better than you.  We here at Tango have tons of articles to help you should you not know your way around your anatomy, from masturbation to whetting a voracious sexual appetite by considering open marriage like our writer Jenny Block.  There is nothing wrong with a woman having a voracious sexual appetite and getting exactly what she wants, in and out of bed.  If you think good girls don’t, take a look at Halle.  Possibly one of the nicest actresses in Hollywood, she’s definitely a “good girl.” Lovely woman, great sex life – there’s a little lesson in here for all of us.

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