Halle Berry: The Ex From Hell?

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

Sometimes the one's we love(d) can be the ones who push our buttons the most and one celebrity on the radar who would likely attest to that is Halle Berry. While Halle and ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry may be out looking polite in public, things are much stormier when the paparazzi isn't around to document it. A source recently told that though Halle seems to have a warm persona in the public eye, she has quite the temper when it comes to dealing with her ex, allegedly even hiring a private eye to track Gabriel's whereabouts. Halle Berry Talks Gabriel Aubry Breakup in Vogue

While it isn't easy to see an ex move on, seeing them spotted with a famous celebrity, (ahem Kim Kardashian) front row at a Lakers game isn't exactly easy to swallow.

"She was particularly angry that he had been so public, even going to a Lakers game one time, and she totally berated him, basically telling him that if he has to date, just date a nobody waitress that nobody will care about." The source tells RadarOnline.

It seems that Halle isn't only threatened by other women, but also over custody of their two-year-old daughter, Nahla. Gabriel recently filed for custody of their daughter on December 30th. Ouch.

While the source says Gabriel has no intention of taking Nahla away from her mother, he'd like to ensure his legal rights, to ensure that he has a stable, communicative relationship with his daughter--despite Halle's rage. Either way, we hope that the two can settle their differences and do what's best for the little one.

What do you think, have you ever had an outburst at an ex? Is Gabriel in the wrong for filing for custody? Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Fight For Custody

Photo Credit: INF