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What The Double Mercury-Venus Sextiles Mean For Your Love Life And Relationships Until 2021

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What The Mercury Venus Sextiles Means For Your Month Ahead

Our life perspective and love horoscopes become powerful, meaningful and deep as we experience two intense sextiles on December 3rd, which will set the tone for the next month. Occurring on the same day, we have Mercury sextile Pluto, with Mercury in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, as well as Venus sextile Mars, with Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Scorpio.

These are two very dynamic and rich transits that not only will change the way we interact with others, but will dramatically affect how we approach dating and relationships.

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In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, creating a positive and beneficial energy that we end up being affected by. What sets apart a sextile from other feel-good transits is that they are closely aligned with the circle of karma: what we put out comes back, what we sow we reap.

So, while these sextiles will change our outlook, it’s also about bringing back what we’ve been putting out into the world.

The next time a Mercury-Pluto sextile occurs will be in April of 2020, so while we will especially feel the energies this month, we may see these themes of deeper thoughts and conversation linger into our 2020. However, while Venus and Mars, known as the celestial lovers, rarely come together, the energy that these two create on December 3rd will set the tone for how we relate within our intimate relationships until this sextile occurs again in April 2021.

Not surprisingly, this will mean that while we might notice the energy shift more dramatically this month, this is part of the overall shift we’re seeing within relationships.

Mercury sextile Pluto is a transit that affects our thoughts, communication and conversations. Mercury is the planet of communication and Pluto is lord of the underworld, so together, it means we throw out the meaningless chatter or small talk, and instead really open about what our dreams, our passions, our hopes, and even our fears are. Together, these two planets aren’t just about long conversations that last until dawn, but the way we think about and approach life.

To have a superficial relationship while these two are teaming up is impossible. Because we’re more apt to think on a deeper level, it means we’re also going to bring awareness to ourselves and those interaction around us.

Mercury is just preparing to leave his post-shadow zone after turning direct on his last retrograde of the year back on November 18th, and will be leaving Scorpio finally in a few days. While a change in zodiac signs often can mean that the energy of a specific transit such as this one may diminish, Sagittarius is not just another deep sign, but one that enjoys exploring esoteric topics in life.

While it’s an easy transition from Mercury’s Scorpio to Sagittarius energy, the real reason behind the significance of this sextile is the transit between Venus and Mars. Venus is known to represent the divine feminine and is the planet that rules love, beauty and financial abundance. All good things in life are Venusian. Mars, on the other hand, is the divine masculine. The planet that rules our ambition, motivation, passions and even our tempers.

Together, Mars and Venus are known as the celestial lovers because while they rarely align, they do seem to dance around one another in a cosmic movement of fate.

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When we see transits involving these two, it also means we will see the affect in our romantic relationships, especially if we are part of a divine partnership or union. When we are part of a divine connection, we are more apt to be affected by planetary movement because of the deep soul purpose that is part of our lifetime here on Earth.

This is an incredibly powerful transit. Not occurring again until 2021, this is about setting a tone within our relationships that we’re going to see play out, whether we’re happily married or hopefully single. Together in this transit, Venus and Mars are bringing out their best possible qualities. We’re going to feel more attractive, desirable, confident, and, most importantly, this sextile represents a huge shift within our ability and readiness to give and receive love.

For so many of us, one of the most difficult lessons we must learn in this life isn’t necessarily to give love, but to open ourselves to receive it. On this path, as we have things happen, as we are let down, hurt or feel that old abandonment wound triggered, we tend to close ourselves up. Perhaps we date. Maybe we even say we’re open, but really, we’re holding back.

We’re self-protecting because we’re afraid that if we get hurt again, we won’t recover. So, when someone comes along that wants to offer us their heart, even if we open a little, we’re still closed. Even if we accept some of their love, we don’t really receive all that they’re offering.

But all of that is about to change with this entirely new chapter that Venus and Mars are initiating within our lives.

This is no more dating the emotionally or even physically unavailable because we know not only what we deserve, but we’re also ready to receive someone’s best. We’ve made peace with our past, forgiven those who didn’t love us in the ways we needed, and are ready to move on into the kind of love we’ve been dreaming of.

Together, these two different sextiles are about us getting down to what matters most: to us having deeper, more meaningful, genuine, and deliciously authentic relationships.

This is about us speaking truth, being open, honest and receiving the love we know we’re worthy of. We’ve been working towards this for some time and as we look at heading into a brand new decade, we finally understand that it’s not just the depths that can’t be feared, but the life that we want.

And so, as we move closer to saying hello to 2020, we’ll step into a place not only of gratitude for all we’ve experienced, but gratefulness to finally be in this moment where nothing is holding us back any longer, not even ourselves.

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