Rapper Future Alludes To Having Affair With Larsa Pippen — All The Messy Details

Yikes, Future!

Rapper Future Alludes To Having Affair With Larsa Pippen — All The Messy Details getty

When it comes to messy love lives, Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn — known to the hip hop world as Future — probably has the messiest in all of hip hop. 

In total, Future has six children with six different women — including a son with Ciara — and, currently, has pending paternity suits against him in two cases that, as of this writing, have not been adjudicated. He's also got a long, storied, and very messy hookup list that includes Nicki Minaj, Blac Chyna, and — as of late — Lori Harvey — who he's now being accused of cheating on.


Did Future have an affair with Larsa Pippen?

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Now, however, there's some suggestions that one basketball wife, Larsa Pippen —​ Scottie Pippen's ex —​ in particular, can be added to that hookup list. Let's look at what we know about this latest hip hop love scandal. 


Did Future have an affair with Larsa Pippen? The "Fine China" rapper implied he did. 

Recently, Future made an appearance on a Moneybagg Yo record called "Federal Fed." In the song, he alludes to the possibility that he slept with "someone's" wife, which many fans believe is Pippen's wife.

"I did it by mistake, it wasn't on purpose, end up f***ing your wife/ She was choosin' up and it was on sight/ Had her ridin' on me like a motorbike/ Had to clean her head like a wet wipe," he spits. 

This isn't the first time Future was accused of having an affair with Pippen. 

In 2016, Scottie Pippen filed for divorce from Larsa Pippen after nearly 20 years of marriage. Around the same time that the NBA great filed for divorce from his now-ex-wife, Future and Pippen were caught creeping at an LA hotspot called Catch, all the while "trying to make it seem like they weren't together." 


In addition, Pippen was caught at Future's birthday party a few days later, leading people to believe that Future was at the root of the Pippen's split. 

Back then, however, Pippen claimed their relationship was "strictly platonic."

Almost immediately after the 2016 stories about Future and Pippen having an affair came out, sources close to Pippen made clear that even though she was caught out and about with Future, their relationship was "strictly platonic."

Future's camp, too, made clear that he had several women to choose from (classy), so he didn't need to mess with a married one. 

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But another rapper suggested that Future really did "do the deed."

In an interview, New York rapper Mysonne suggested that Future really did "do the deed" with Pippen. Back in 2018, Mysonne said that not only did Future have an affair with Larsa Pippen, he was disrespectful to Scottie Pippen by rapping about it in yet another song.

Mysonne is referring to a song by Future called "Rent Money," in which Future raps, "I just lit my wrist up, I need some more attention/She didn't wanna play fair, I put her on suspension."

Many fans felt that this was a direct reference to Pippen's wife, and Mysonne seemed to confirm it in his interview.

Future has been very inappropriate with Larsa Pippen on Instagram. 


Back in 2017, Pippen posted a photo with the caption, "the heart wants what the heart wants." Again, fans immediately speculated that this was a reference to Future, and that he was at the center of the Pippen divorce.

Not one to pass up an opportunity for shadiness, Future left a yellow heart emoji under the photo that Pippen posted, causing a flurry of speculations about the true nature of their relationship. 



A post shared by Larsa Pippen (@larsapippen) on Feb 19, 2017 at 12:54pm PST

But the Pippens confirmed that their split had nothing to do with Future. 


Scottie and Larsa Pippen have both confirmed their split had nothing to do with Future. Larsa Pippen, in fact, made clear that even though people accused her of cheating, nothing could be further from the truth.

She also said that the true reason for her split from her now-ex-husband had to do with the fact that he was traveling all the time for work, and that she "cried oceans" for him to no avail.

Finally, she made clear that she spent more time alone than with her now-ex-husband, and she finally decided she was tired of being alone and filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences."

But people still call her out on social media about it.


In a recent tweet, Pippen posted her ex-husband's earnings, in reference to the new Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance. Although this tweet had absolutely nothing to do with Future, users still wouldn't pass up any chance to litter Pippen's comments with references and gifs of the rapper.

Is Future cheating on Lori Harvey?


Harvey is the rapper's latest love and they've only been dating since early this year, but cheating speculation is already starting. The rapper is reportedly having an affair with Myesha Boulton, a plus-size Instagram model. 

There are not too many details about it yet, but a source claims that the cheating occured after a trip Future took to Jamaica with Harvey and her friends. The source claimed that their best friend works with the rapper, and that he took Boulton to a hotel and slept with her.

The source also claims that although Harvey is suspicious of his cheating and they've been having arguments, they are still a couple. 

For now, however, it's still just rumors as Future himself hasn't commented on the claims.


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