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90-Day Fiancé Spoilers: Are Emily And Sasha From 90-Day Fiancé Still Together?

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90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Are Emily And Sasha From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together

Nothing gets fans of TLC's hit show 90 Day Fiancé as excited as a couple already expecting a baby. The stars of the show are already navigating the complicated process of applying for a K1 visa to bring a foreign love interest to live in the United States, adding a pregnancy to that process just raises the stakes that much more. 

On the new season of the show, Emily and her Russian fiancé Sasha are trying to relocate from Moscow to Oregon so they can get married and raise the baby they are expecting together. But moving to America means leaving Sasha's two older children behind. And his two previous wives as well. 

In the promo clips, Emily swears that her marriage to Sasha will be different from his two other marriages and they are going to make it. Is she right? 

Are Emily and Sasha from 90 Day Fiancé still together? Read on for the details and some serious spoilers. 

1. Who is Emily?

Emily is a 28-year old Oregon native who went to Russia to teach English and travel all over Europe. In the promo clips, she says she saw Sasha at the gym and booked him to train her. She started teaching him English and sparks flew between them. Before long, they were dating and then she got pregnant.

They must have started filming a while ago, however, because her Instagram account clearly shows that their baby was born almost a year ago in Russia. She also has a throwback photo showing her goodbye party before she moved to Russia which was dated 2015. Her life before becoming a mom was much more glam: she was living in L.A. and posting regular selfies. Since having their son, she focuses most of her attention on him but if you listen closely in a video shared in her archived stories, you can tell she's watching an episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Apparently, she's a fan of the show as well as a star. 

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2. Who is Sasha?

The timeline for Sasha's relationship with Emily is one thing viewers will need to unravel when they start watching the show. They may also be looking for clues as to when he ended his second marriage. The fitness trainer has two previous wives, each of whom is the mother to one of his children. In a clip, his first wife says that Sasha left her when he met his second wife and she got pregnant. Now he is doing the same thing with his second wife and Emily. She also says that she doesn't want Sasha to leave the country, as that presumably means he is leaving his older children behind completely.

Sasha doesn't say anything in the clip but the camera cuts to Emily saying: "His first wife is crazy."


A post shared by TLC (@tlc) on Oct 16, 2019 at 9:22am PDT

Emily thinks Sasha's first ex-wife is crazy.

3. We're going to last.

Emily has admirable confidence for a woman who is getting ready to be the third baby mama to a twice-philandering man. She looks earnestly at the camera and says: "I am going to be Sasha's third wife and this is his third child with another woman, but we're gonna last." She doesn't explain why she thinks their relationship is different. 

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4. First comes love

Emily's Instagram account gives a nice timeline of her relationship with Sasha and it's clear that it all happened well before the air date of this season of 90 Day Fiancé. Emily moved to Russia in 2016 and relocated from Volgograd to Moscow in 2017, possibly to be closer to Sasha. She and Sasha were involved all that year, happily posting romantic photos on social media together. They got engaged in early 2017. Emily shared the news of their engagement on Facebook in February 2017

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5. Then comes baby

Emily never posted any wedding pics but in June of 2018, she announced that they were expecting a baby boy. In November 2018, she posted a photo of their newborn son in what is clearly a Russian hospital. From all of this, we can gather that TLC was filming with this pair well over a year ago. 

Their baby is almost a year old now.

6. Where are they now?

It seems like Sasha and Emily are in the U.S. now. Emily's Facebook profile lists an employer in Oregon and she seems to have started work there in August of 2019. Starcasm reports that Sasha traveled to the U.S. in May but there's no report of a marriage certificate. At the moment, both Sasha and Emily list Russia as their location on Twitter but that might be something they did for the show and not a reflection of where they are now.

Is the third time the charm for Sasha? Fans will find out starting on Sunday. 

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