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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Spoilers: Did Laura Dump Aladin For Evelin's Friend Raul?

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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Spoilers. Did Laura Dump Aladin For Another Guy?

Every couple on this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days had a lot of drama. That's kind of the point of the show, after all. One couple, in particular, started out with a truly reality-TV worthy backstory. Laura is 51-years-old, has kids in their 20s and lives in Florida. Aladin is a 29-year-old personal trainer from Tunisia who now lives and works in Qatar. The couple first connected on social media and spent eight months chatting long-distance before Laura hopped a plane to meet him, despite realizing that the whole situation was questionable. At the beginning of the series, she shared her own skepticism about his motives. "My fiancé is a 29-year-old and he is from Tunisia, Africa, but he works in Qatar as a personal fitness trainer. I met Aladin a year a half ago on social media,” she said. “This Tunisian man started chit-chatting with me and I was just like ‘Wow. He’s gorgeous. What is he looking at me for?'”

She told the TLC cameras they got engaged only three days after she landed in Qatar and indicated that they were planning a big traditional wedding with his family in Tunisia after her upcoming move to Qatar. Her intention was to remain in Qatar where she and Aladin were going to start their life.

From early on audiences could predict that this couple was going to have problems: Laura's family was against her move to a conservative country and none of them trusted Aladin — because they had never even met him. But as the season went on and social media spoilers started to come out, it was clear that Laura was lying to the audience about some important details of her life. 

Are Laura and Aladin still together? 

1. Not just engaged

Laura initially told the cameras that she was moving to Qatar to marry a much younger man. Only that turned out to be the first untruth she was sharing with the audience. She quickly confessed she and Aladin were actually already married. When she had first gone to visit him in Qatar, she learned that unmarried couples couldn't legally share a hotel room or have sexual relations. She says she and Aladin decided to have a legal wedding ceremony nine days after she landed in order to have what they call "jiggy jiggy." The premature nuptials were fine, however, since the couple swore they were deeply in love and she was ready to move to Qatar permanently anyway. 

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2. Relationship red flags

When audiences first met Aladin, he was bragging to friends that Laura was coming to marry him. He was also bragging that when she made him angry, he would block her on social media for a few days then reconnect with her and demand an apology for whatever had made him mad. That's not the kind of behavior any relationship expert would condone but Laura didn't seem to feel like it was a problem. 

Fans may have assumed that she was overlooking his questionable behavior because he was hot and the sex was amazing but not even that was true. Laura straight up told the cameras that the sex hadn't been totally satisfying and she headed to a sex toy store to buy a vibrator to bring along with her. She showed her new toy to Aladin and suggested they try it out and he went ballistic. He said she should be satisfied with him and demanded she toss the toy in the trash. "What the f-ck?! F-ck you," Aladin said. "Are you for real? You know I will throw this one [away]. Why do you need this?"

In a confessional shot, he said: "I'm Tunisian. I am man. I can be enough for her."

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3. Social media spoilers

As the on-screen drama between the couple unfolded, people on social media started to learn that the off-screen drama with these two was just as good. For one thing, Laura isn't an American citizen. Her ex-husband confirmed that she's Canadian and was living in Florida with her son, but was having immigration problems, according to Reality TV World. "She worked illegally in Florida and got preggo 22 years ago with Liam, that's how Liam is in Florida cause he was born there," her ex claimed in a social media post. He also said that she was on the verge of being deported from the U.S. at the point that she moved to Qatar. Moreover, she has another son in Canada and she owes child support for that child. 

Later, even Aladin confirmed that her status in the U.S. was temporary and she may not even be welcome back in the country. “Sometimes she said she was on a work visa, sometimes on a visitor pass,” he wrote in a now-expired Instagram story. “She did have to leave the USA. She specifically used the term deported with me. That is why she came to Qatar. I did see that she had a page in her passport that said rejected or denied from the USA.”

4. Pregnant or not?

Around the same time that Laura's ex was spilling the beans on her citizenship claims, Laura was posting a pregnancy announcement. She claimed that she and Aladin were expecting a baby, an announcement that was met with much skepticism given her age. She fired back at doubters online saying "Believe me it's no lie I swear on my son's life! I very much had an ectopic pregnancy... I was so sick and my dr when i was in canada last month told me the blood work came back and I was pregnant," Laura said in a DM to a fan, according to Instagrammer John Yates. "It is 100 percent truth. I am nowhere near menopause yet. And it really upset me to read this. I am no longer with a baby and it crushed my world. Because i lost everything in life all at once it seemed." 

Aladin denies that the pregnancy ever happened. In a social media post, he wrote "In Qatar, we went to a fertility specialist. He told us she could no longer have children unless we used someone else’s eggs. She purposefully did not tell anyone about this. I was disappointed as she had told me she could have children but I was willing to go along with donor eggs if it meant having children.”

5. Is he gay?

According to Laura, the kind of sex Aladin wanted would not have resulted in pregnancy anyway. Reality TV World reports that in an Instagram exchange with a fan, Laura said she thought Aladin might be gay. "I think he rather have a man... He told me men have sex at his work in the showers... And guess who always had a shower at work even though [our] home was 20 ft away," according to screenshots of the exchange. "He only wanted anal with me. He hated the woman's vaggie gie." Needless to say, anal sex wasn't going to get anyone pregnant, no matter how close to menopause she was. 

6. Filing for divorce

On the tell-all episode of the show that aired on October 27, Aladin confirmed that the couple has split up and he's filing for divorce. This is hardly news, given that Laura has been saying Aladin left her for a while. And just the other night, Aladin posted an Instagram story telling his side of their split. He claimed that Laura lied to him about her age when they first started chatting.  "She told me she was 40 years old and I believed her. I discovered her age when we went for the marriage license and they asked for her passport," he wrote. "That is when I saw her age was in fifties and not 40 as she told me.”

Aladin also said he wasn't gay. 


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Aladin says the pregnancy was a lie.

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7. Who is Raul?

Since splitting up with Aladin, Laura has reportedly been in Ecuador with 90DF co-star Evelin. To make matters messier, she is also hanging out with Evelin's friend and former fling Raul, InTouch reports. Raul brought the drama to Evelin's relationship with Corey when he confessed to having a fling with her in the past. He also appeared on the tell-all this week to say that Evelin has always been his dream girl.

Evelin has evidently gotten him to change his dreams and now's he's hooking up with Laura. The two of them have been posting pics together on their Instagram accounts. She even went on Instagram live to talk about their budding romance and she couldn't resist one last dig at Aladin's bedroom skills. "He is an amazing man. I love this guy, he is so sweet and adorable and he knows how to please a woman,” she said. 

Laura is saying Raul is her new man.

There's still one more tell-all episode coming up so who can say what will happen with all these people. Audiences will have to watch and see. 

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