Are Tim And Jeniffer From '90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days' Still Together?

Did Tim and Jeniffer make it work? Or was his baggage too much for her?

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days: Are Tim and Jeniffer Still Together? TLC/YouTube

TLC never spares the drama on the 90 Day Fiancé franchise shows and this summer audiences are getting plenty of it. While Tim and Jeniffer might seem like a couple with a possible future, the stars of the new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days have some obstacles between them and happily ever after.

Jeniffer is Colombian and lists "Architecture student, Fashion designer & artist" in her Instagram bio, as well as mentioning her 18-month old daughter. Tim is from North Carolina and makes custom guns for a living. The two met on a dating app and now they're trying to carve out a future together. But secrets and past relationships may get in the way. 


Are Tim and Jeniffer still together? Read on for all the details and the wild rumors following this couple.

1. "This girl really might be out of my league"

In their official TLC bio, the couple shares that Tim was the one to take notice of Jeniffer on a dating app, saying: “After coming across Jeniffer’s online profile, Timothy was instantly smitten. Now, he’s traveling to Colombia to meet her in person for the first time and plans to propose. But with Jeniffer being a total knockout, he’s worried she won’t fall head over heels when they finally meet." Jeniffer's looks are what drew Tim to her in the first place and he was actually worried that she was too hot for him. When she first started responding to his messages and sending him photos, he was overwhelmed, telling TLC producers, "Jeniffer is even prettier than I thought she’d be so now I’m like ‘wow this girl really might be out of my league.'” 


2. Step-father to be

One of the things other than her appearance that attracted Tim to Jeniffer is that she is the mother of an 18-month old child and she seems to be a great mom. Tim tells the cameras that family means a lot to him and he appreciates her love of her daughter. But in his bio he admits that he feels the "pressure of proving himself to be a capable step-father to Jeniffer’s 18-month-old ."

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3. Step-father already

Tim's apprehension about becoming part of an instant family isn't unreasonable but it's also surprising since he has done that very thing once before. In the first episode of the season, audiences got to meet his ex-fiancé Veronica and her daughter Chloe. Chloe is 12 now but he admits that she was about a year and a half when he got involved with Veronica. The two were engaged for years before deciding to forget trying to have a romantic relationship. Now they maintain that they're best friends and they are co-parenting Chloe, who calls Tim "Daddy." He's open about his new relationship with Veronica and Chloe, though they don't seem entirely sold on his hopes for true love in Colombia. Veronica is concerned that he will shirk his responsibilities to them. Chloe even tells the cameras that "I think he's lost his ever-lovin' mind."



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4. Too close for comfort

Tim has been upfront with Jeniffer about his relationship with Veronica and Chloe but that doesn't mean the new woman in his life likes it. When Tim tells Jennifer about a going away party Veronica is throwing him before his trip down south, she demands that he send her pictures during the event so she can see what's going on. Veronica decides to stir the pot and insists that Tim send a selfie of the two of them, just to see how Jennifer will react. As expected, Jeniffer is not thrilled to see the two of them cheek to cheek in the photo. 


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5. With this ring

Veronica feels bad about getting Tim in trouble for the photo so to make things better she gives him a ring to use to propose to Jeniffer. Specifically, she gives him the ring he used to propose to her years ago. Tim, who at this point seems a little too willing to take advice from Veronica, even when that advice is bad, doesn't love the idea of using the same ring. However, he takes the ring anyway and seems to plan on using it instead of purchasing a ring specifically for Jeniffer. 



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6. Wild rumors online

For the most part, this plotline looks like a typical mix of cultural barriers and some jealousy about over-involved exes. However, Tim mentions in a preview that he has a secret he's keeping from Jeniffer. Cliffhangers like that always lead to some really wild speculation and some fans wonder if Tim is transgender. One Reddit user apparently posted "EXACTLY what I was thinking. I don't have a problem with that, but if he IS trans, I think it's really sh--ty of him to develop a relationship without telling Jenniffer first." Another user posted that "If that's the case, I really fricking hope she already knows because I would not find it entertaining having Tim dragged on TV for being trans."


Tim himself seemed to shut the rumor down on Twitter. One user posted that they were "so glad that 90 Day Fiancé cast their first FTM cast member," Tim replied, "What is FTM? Do I even want to know?" (FTM stands for "Female To Male" and is commonly used acronym to describe one type of gender transition. )

In the coming episodes, it looks like Tim and Jeniffer will continue to clash over his close relationship with Veronica. Their social media feeds don't have any hints about what will ultimately happen with this pair so viewers will just have to keep watching. 

7. Twitter responds

The best part of watching 90-Day Fiancé is following along on Twitter in real-time. Here are our favorite Tim/Jeniffer tweets:

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