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Offset’s Baby Mama Shya L'Amour Drops Diss Track After Cardi B Files For Divorce — Listen

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Who Is Offset's Baby Mama? New Details About Rapper Shya L'Amour

Prior to marrying Cardi B, Offset was mainly known for his role in the hip hop supergroup Migos. However, now that he's one of the most talked about rappers in pop culture today, Offset's baby mama drama is back in the spotlight, thanks to his recent divorce drama with Cardi B and allegations that he cheated on her. In fact, Shya L’Amour, the mother of Offset’s eldest daughter Kalea Marie Cephus, just dropped a diss track that fans think is totally aimed at Cardi B. While we’re living for all this drama, we’re mostly curious about Offset’s previous relationship with Shya L’Amour.

Who is Offset's baby mama Shya L'Amour, and what's going on with them?

Offset is reportedly already back together with Shya L'Amour, who he shares a 5-year-old daughter with. After news of Cardi B and Offset's divorce hit the web, the rapper took to her Instagram Stories to post quotes about "lost love" coming back, which read, "Life changes. You lose love. You lose friends. You lose pieces of yourself that you never imagined would be gone."

"And then, without you even realizing it, these pieces come back," the quote continued. "New love enters. Better friends come along. And a stronger, wiser you is staring back in the mirror."

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Shya L'Amour first began dating rapper Offset back in 2014. Their relationship was brief, lasting only for a few months, and it was long before he would become famous with Migos.

However, their short union produced a daughter, Kalea Cephus, who was born in 2015. For the most part, Offset's baby mama drama was known mostly to those in hip hop circles. Once he married Cardi B, however, he went from "hip hop famous" to "pop famous," and now, rumors that he and Shya are back together are already hitting the tabloids.

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Shya L'Amour just dropped a Cardi B diss track.

Although it was previously reported that Shya and Cardi didn't have any beef, their somewhat-civilness is now a thing of the past, as Shya recently dropped a Cardi B diss track called "Like Me," which you can listen to below.

"This song just proves how much she wishes she was Cardi..." one YouTuber commented, while another said, "Song's trash, the views are only because we want to know what you said about Cardi. This sucks."

While the track was released just days after Cardi B filed from divorce, she previously said that she thought Cardi B was good for her former flame. She said that not only is Offset becoming a better father to their daughter thanks to Cardi B's influence, but Cardi B has embraced their daughter, as well. 

Shya L'Amour was upset at how Offset portrayed their relationship.

In his hit song, "Father of 4," Offset implied that he missed the first few years of Kalea's life because wasn't sure if he was really her father. That really upset Shya L'Amour, for perhaps obvious reasons, and she said that she initially offered to pay for a DNA test to prove to Offset that she was telling the truth, and he refused. She also said that he blocked her number, and changed his number after Shya said she was pregnant, and that Offset was hiding the fact that he had a whole other girlfriend — who was pregnant with their child! — at the time. 

What is Shya L'Amour's real name?

Shya L'Amour is her "stage name." Her real name is Nicole Alagrin. 

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Offset spent over $500,000 at a strip club. 

According to another report, Offset and the rest of the boys in Migos recently went to a strip club to support Saweetie, a hot female rapper who is dating Quavo from the Migos. Saweetie was hosting an event at a strip club that night, and in the span of two hours, they dropped more than $500,000 on the strippers. Make it rain, boys!

That little incident made Shya L'Amour take Offset to court. 

"Legal documents reportedly note that Shya L'amour is asking for several things from her baby's father but the one thing she primarily is looking for is child support. Shya is reportedly saying that Offset provided "very minimal" financial support for her and his daughter Kalea, hoping that these court-ordered documents will entice the rapper to pay up more frequently and in larger amounts," a 2018 report read

Shya L'Amour prefers to be known for her music, not her drama.

Despite her baby daddy drama, Shya L'Amour wants to be known for her music. She has a rap career of her own and her single "On Go" is pretty awesome. You can check it out below. 

She was in a relationship with rapper YSL Mondo.

She posted a steamy makeout video on Instagram with the caption: "You ever love someone and ALL of their flaws?!!?! 8 months down‼️" The post has since been deleted, as the two are no longer together. 

Are Offset and Shya L'Amour back together?

While multiple outlets have reported that the pair are back together, it's basically all speculation from fans at this point, as neither have confirmed their alleged romantic reunion. However, some fans are excited at the thought of a rekindled romance between Offset and Shya, and are hoping the pair will even collaborate on a track together. "If you and offset get on a track together. It will be fire and make major head lines. You really can rap," one fan commented

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