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YouTuber Cole Carrigan Accuses Austin McBroom Of Rape

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Who Is Cole Carrigan? New Details On YouTuber Accusing Austin McBroom Of Rape

This is going to be a long and brutal story, and there are going to be a lot of uncomfortable details that will be shared. So, let's just say now: if you're triggered by descriptions of rape, sexual assault and other sorts of violence, now would be the time to leave. So, who is Cole Carrigan, and why is he accusing Austin McBroom of rape?

Austin McBroom is a relatively popular blogger, if a bit controversial. He's a member of the ACE Family of YouTubers, who, according to Buzzfeed, found themselves in a world of trouble because Austin McBroom, the patriarch of the ACE Family, took a young girl into a store and bought her a penis-shaped lollipop — and then made a joke about it. That's all sorts of inappropriate, but amazingly, no charges were brought against Austin McBroom at the time. 

Now, however, Cole Carrigan has lobbied a really serious charge against Austin McBroom, and it looks like the proverbial mierda is about to hit the proverbial fan. 

So let's look at what we know about Cole Carrigan, Austin McBroom, and the very serious allegations. 

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1. Cole Carrigan accused Austin McBroom of rape. 

Buzzfeed reports that Cole Carrigan, an 18-year-old beauty vlogger, claimed that Austin McBroom raped him in a Miami hotel room. However, Cole Carrigan is only making claims against Austin McBroom, he hasn't provided evidence or filed charges and has refused to respond to any follow-up questions that the outlet presented to him. 

2. He's a provocateur who caused Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul to get into a fight. 

Cole Carrigan seems to be more famous for his "hilarious hijinx" (though, really, they're not funny) than he is for doing makeup. According to Dexerto, Cole Carrigan was the root cause of a fight between newlyweds Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul. The outlet reports that the fight happened at Tana Mongeau's 21st birthday party, and happened because of Cole's Team 10 exit. (You even have to ruin a girl's birthday? Wow.) 

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3. But Austin McBroom has been accused of rape before. 

Newsweek reports that Austin McBroom was accused of raping one of Cole Carrigan's close friends. The outlet reports that the woman, who didn't identify herself because she allegedly signed a non-disclosure agreement, said that Austin McBroom tried to digitally penetrate her, but she managed to get away from him. The outlet also reports that the victim, who gave all the evidence to Cole Carrigan, saved evidence like bloody sheets to prove that she had, indeed, been raped. 

4. In the past, Cole Carrigan has been nominated for influencer awards. 

Life and Style Magazine said that Cole Carrigan was up for a few awards from the "American Influencer Awards." The outlet reports that Cole was nominated to be the 2019 Creative Makeup Artist of the year, where he was up against the likes of Jazmina Daniel and Promise Tamang. 

5. But Cole Carrigan also had a run-in with Cameron Dallas. 

Cole Carrigan previously took to Twitter to accuse Cameron Dallas of being a homophobe. According to Cole, Cameron poured a bottle of water on him, unprovoked and for what seems like no reason, and Cole is claiming that it's because Cameron is nothing but "a drunken homophobic asshole." You can see the mess below. 

6. And Austin McBroom isn't taking the rape accusations lightly, either. 

When Cole Carrigan accused Austin McBroom of rape, Austin also took to Twitter to announce that he was hiring an attorney to combat the matter and that he would speak through his attorney, going forward. 

You can see Austin's public statement below. 

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