Meet Amy Cole — Houston Astros Pitcher Gerrit Cole's Wife And College Sweetheart

He's pitching in the World Series.

Who Is Gerrit Cole's Wife? New Details On Houston Astro's Pitcher's College Sweetheart Amy Cole Instagram

Houston’s Astros player Gerrit Cole has the sweetest fan to support him during the World Series. His wife, Amy Cole, is back to cheer for the Astros in another World Series and her husband hasn’t lost a game since May. Baseball runs in the family as not only is her husband a professional baseball player, so is her brother. She is the sister of the Giants' shortstop Brandon Crawford. Amy also played ball — softball, that is —in college at UCLA. These days, when she's not hanging out with her husband or rooting for the Astros in the postseason with her brother, she hangs out with Justin Verlander's wife, Kate Upton. 


Let’s hope the Astros can pull through and win the World Series because we love seeing Amy and her brother adorably root on the Astros player. 

Who is Gerrit Cole's Wife? 

1. They met at UCLA

Amy met Gerrit while they both attended UCLA. According to Inside Weddings, Amy played softball at UCLA while Gerrit was on the baseball team. Amy graduated with a BA in sociology and social science in 2011. According to Earn the Necklace, Brandon and Amy grew up in Pleasanton in the San Francisco Bay area, and both attended Foothill High School. Amy graduated in 2007.


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2. Amy and Kate Upton recreated the Sports Illustrated cover of their husbands

Kate Upton and Amy recreated the Sports Illustrated cover from October 7 featuring Gerrit and Justin Verlander, and they totally nailed it btw (see for yourself). Many have hoped that the two would meet and did so in the best possible way. The caption reads: "It’s a Ver-y Cole world Upton here! #GoAstros #Game5"



A post shared by Kate Upton (@kateupton) on Oct 10, 2019 at 11:02am PDT

3. They've been married since 2016

According to Inside Weddings, the pair has been married since 2016. “I remember watching friends and family members from all different paths of our lives enjoying one another, laughing, singing, and tearing up the dance floor. I'll never forget how special that was to take in,” Amy shared with Inside Weddings.


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4. Gerrit is excited to play in the World Series

Gerrit Cole pitched for the Astros in Game 1, marking the first World Series appearance of his MLB career. Gerrit shared how excited he was just to be able to watch the World Series and is even more excited to be apart of it: “I remember I was sitting on the third-base side of Angels Stadium down towards the front row and I had a nice perspective of Bonds versus Percival, he throws him this hundred-mile-an-hour fastball up at his neck and Bonds just cranks it out to right field. And I think the stadium just dropped dead for a minute,” Cole said, according to Yahoo!



A post shared by Amy Cole (Crawford) (@amyc23) on Oct 21, 2019 at 9:11am PDT

5. Amy won the Women’s College World Series in 2010

It turns out Gerrit isn’t the only one who likes to play ball or has played in a World Series, making the two almost seem like a match made in heaven. According to Earn The Necklace, Amy was part of the 2010 Bruins softball team and even won the Women’s College World Series that year. 


6. Brandon Crawford cheered Gerrit on at the Astros/ Tampa Rays game

According to ABC 13, Gerrit Cole's brother-in-law made an appearance at Minute Maid Park showing his support and good sportsmanship for Gerrit. He cheered alongside Amy during Game 5 of the ALCS with his niece and nephew. Turns out there is no beef here!

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