9-Year-Old Boy Sends Letter Of Encouragement To Professional Baseball Player During Hitting Slump

It doesn't get sweeter than this.

9-Year-Old Boy Sends Letter Of Encouragement To Professional Baseball Player During Hitting Slump stock

Nine-year-old Henry Frasca was recognized by Baltimore Orioles player Chris Davis for his sweet words of encouragement in letter written to the athlete in a hitting slump. The heartwarming letter was written to motivate the player in a 0-for-54 hitting slump, which was the longest in Major League Baseball history, according to USA Today. The same day Frasca sent the letter, back in April, Davis broke his slump with three hits and even a few runs. Seems like those words of encouragement meant a lot to the Baltimore Orioles player.


The letter reads:

"Dear Mr. Davis, from Henry Frasca, a 9-year-old kid and diehard Red Sox fan, there are two things I want you to know. First, the way you play baseball has nothing to do with how good a person you are. Also, you are incredible. You've played in the MLB. You've done it for a long time, and everyone goes through a slump. Don't give up. We're rooting for you."

When asked by the Orioles broadcast where Frasca got his inspiration for the letter, he said, “I have a lot of random thoughts that happen to occur at good times.”  That could not be cuter! Keep those good thoughts coming, Henry!


How did this letter reach baseball player Chris Davis? Who is Henry Frasca?

1. Frasca got a chance to meet the Baltimore Orioles player

According to USA Today, “Davis repaid Frasca's kind words by inviting him for a fun-filled day at Fenway Park prior to the Red Sox-Orioles contest. Frasca went into the visiting clubhouse, shagged fly balls in the outfield, had a catch with Davis and even went on the Orioles' pre-game show.”

2. Davis’s coach was the one to bring the letter to the player’s attention

According to USA Today, “The letter made its way from Orioles coach to Davis, who read it and stuck it in his pocket prior to the game. In the first inning, he lined a two-run single and finished 3-for-5 with four RBI.”


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3. Davis kept the letter with him

According to People, the day Frasca met Davis he learned that the athlete had carried the letter with him for the entire season.

4. Frasca said meeting Davis was the best day of his life

When asked by Orioles broadcast if Frasca had anything he wanted to say to Davis, Frasca thanked the athlete for spending the day with him and even told the player that it was a day that he would never forget.

5. Davis was very touched by the letter

“People don’t realize how much they impact us,” Davis said to Orioles broadcast. “I just wanted to give him a hug.” He went on to say how impressed he was by the 9-year-old boy and that the letter left quite the impact on him, inspiring the hits he made the day he received the letter.


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