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The Soulmate Astrology Of 11/11 And How The Sun-Mercury Conjunction In Scorpio Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

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The Soulmate Astrology of 11-11 And How The Sun Mercury Conjunction In Scorpio W

Our minds are a beautiful place, but on November 11th, when we see Sun conjunct Mercury, with both Sun in Scorpio and Mercury in Scorpio, things will get a little darker. While reminiscing not only about the path not taken but what could have been if we had tried, our love horoscopes may suffer in the process.

In astrology, a conjunction is when two planets meet up within the same sign, combining energies and becoming an even stronger influence upon us and our lives. This is a transit that occurs multiple times a year, which is a positive element when the basis is being able to share our thoughts and feelings about what we want.

But this time is different, not only because of Mercury in retrograde, but also because of the numerology and spiritual significance of 11/11.  

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It’s normal to look behind while still moving forward. It’s impossible to erase what we’ve been through, in part because every moment was necessary in order to become the people we are today. But that doesn’t mean each choice was a soul connected one; that doesn’t mean it was meant to be permanent.

So, at different times in our lives, the universe and astrology come together to help us reflect, to gain greater understanding, and to hopefully propel us further into the future where we will be able to live with as little regret as possible.

In numerology, 11/11 is an important date. The first reason is that 11 is only one of two master numbers (the other being 22), which are never reduced. There is also the connection to the ones signifying new beginnings; however, there are many symbols and metaphors attached to this number, including divine awakening and divine pairings, as each of the ones in 11 represent part of a couple as well as the connection to traditional tarot.

But recently, 11/11 has really been being a part of a wake-up call from the universe. In this, it’s believed that when we see this number sequence on a clock, license plate or receipt, it's spirit giving us a little nudge that something is about to happen, so we better pay attention.

Often, this occurrence it predicts is the significance of a romantic relationship. While it previously was meant to only classify those twin flame relationships, it’s really come to be known to represent a significant positive connection coming into union soon, twin flame or not.

Too often we become attached to labels and then live our lives on what those labels say is possible or not, without really tuning into what we think and feel about a situation, which is very much a Mercury-Sun type of energy. Mercury is the planet that rules our thoughts and communication, and the Sun is who we truly are inside; our soul.

But to get to know our soul is a lifelong process — one we often don’t even begin until we’re older and left with no other choice. To get to know our soul is to let go of the visions and thoughts of others. It’s to make our own rules and let life decide who is meant to be in our lives forever, not the other way around.

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With this transit occurring on 11/11, we must be prepared for several possibilities: the first being that either us or someone we were involved with may return to our lives because there is still love there. This is thanks to Mercury in retrograde and the powerful significance of 11/11, which often brings those meant to build together back in union as it’s a master number.

We also must be mindful of our thoughts and balance, being reflective over getting lost down memory lane.

While it’s okay to think about what’s occurred and brought us to this moment and these people we are, we also tend to get fixated on why a relationship didn’t work, more so than other areas of our lives. It’s okay to think about the one that got away, but we also must remember and trust that anyone meant to be in our lives will be.

We can’t screw up fate or mess up something that was destined for us. So, regardless of what label we attached to someone — whether it was twin flame or soulmate — if they are not next to us in this moment, it’s not that they're running or that we must chase; it’s not that you need to love yourself more or grow more so your divine masculine returns.

It simply means he’s not your guy. He’s not the one for you, no matter how deeply you felt that or how many psychics told you that.

The person that is your ultimate love, your twin flame, your soulmate, or your whatever you want to call it, is the person who tries to show up. Who is there with you and for you, regardless of financial status, or how much personal growth you have or will do? It’s the one who makes an effort and leaves no guessing, because their actions are so clear and their words so concise that there is no mistaking their feelings or intent.

This is what any sort of divine love looks like, so while some of us may take a trip down memory lane and others may have the one who got away come forward, the majority of us will be stepping into a more empowered place as far as our beliefs and knowledge about all of these amazing labeled soul connections.

Tthe only truth is what is, not what we hope, project or tell ourselves. When we can accept the truth of what we really feel (Sun), we will be able to speak it with confidence (Mercury).

We always know when something is off and when we’re not being truthful to ourselves, so while we may try to outrun those thoughts, sooner or later they always catch up. So with this transit, let’s slow down and embrace them, as well as the change in perspective they bring.

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