Amal Clooney's Sister Gets Three Weeks In Jail For Drunk Driving In Singapore

The fashionista sister-in-law to George Clooney is headed to jail.

Who Is Amal Clooney's Sister? New Details On Tala Alamuddin Le Tallec's Drunk Driving Arrest And Prison Time Getty

Next time George Clooney wants to visit his sister in law, he might have to do it from behind plexiglass. 

Tala Alamuddin LeTallec, whose sister Amal is married to Oscar-winner George Clooney, was sentenced to three weeks in prison following a drunk driving arrest. LaTallec was reportedly driving her husband's car in the early hours of May 13, 2019, when a cop pulled her over. She had been drinking before she got behind the wheel and the arresting officer said he could smell the booze on her. Not only that, but she was having trouble even operating the car as he watched her. She blew three times the legal limit when they administered a Breathalyzer on her. 


This isn't her first drunk driving offense either. She was stopped for the same thing in 2013. As a repeat offender the consequences are pretty severe: she'll have to pay a hefty fine, she'll be spending three weeks in jail, and her license will be suspended for four years. 

Who is Amal Clooney's sister? read on for all the details.

1. Fashion designer in Singapore

Tala is the older of the Alamiuddin sisters — they also have two half brothers from their father's first marriage. Amal and Tala were born in Lebanon but emigrated to the U.K. as children and grew up there. Tala graduated from The American International University in London in 1995, according to InStyle. Tala currently lives in Singapore, though she has also clocked time in New York City. She moved to the Asian nation when she married Singapore-based businessman Nagi Hamiyeh. Page Six reports that they have since split and she married an unnamed Italian businessman. She reportedly has four children and her own line of accessories.


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2. Totally Tala Fashion

Tala is known for her bold, unconventional fashion sense. She especially has an affinity for fringe and has been spotted in fringed clothing and carrying fringed bags, according to  InStyle. She took her love of fringed accessories to a professional level with her brand Totally Tala. The Instagram account for the line features brightly colored bags with all the fringe a fashionista could desire. Unfortunately, the pieces are only for sale in Singapore at this time. 



A post shared by TALA by Tala Alamuddin (@totallytala) on Mar 6, 2019 at 5:28am PST

Her line of accessories.


3. Sisters in high places

While little sis Amal is also noted for her couture choices, Amal's real claim to fame is her extensive resume as a human rights lawyer. She is a barrister with a license to practice law in multiple countries, including the U.S., England and Wales. She has practiced in international courts in The Hague, including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. Her client list is a who's who of people fighting oppression including the former prime minister of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko who was persecuted by the corrupt administration of pro-Russian president Yanukovich, and Nobel Prize laureate Nadia Murad, an Iraqi Yazidi who escaped after being captured by ISIS and now fights for women victimized by mass atrocities. 

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4. Amal and George's Wedding

Actor George Clooney married Amal in 2014. The Oscar-winning heartthrob actor and the director knows how amazing his wife is. Speaking at a recent event in L.A., he introduced himself by saying "I'm George. I'm Amal Clooney's husband." Tala attended their wedding, though she didn't have a formal role. She did help her litter sister get dressed for her big day and Tala's daughter Mia was a flower girl. Mia's big job was carrying Amal's train down the aisle. 



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Amal and George at their wedding.


5. Drunk driving charge

Tala was at dinner at a friend's house in May, PageSix reports, and she had two glasses of wine and a glass of champagne before getting behind the wheel of her husband's BMW. Cops stopped her and said she reeked of alcohol when they got near her. She also had trouble finding the emergency brake and she accidental stepped on the gas while she was fishing for her license in her purse. A breathalyzer test showed that she was way over the legal limit for Singapore (which is 0.08%) and she was booked on charges including drunk driving and driving without insurance. She later pleaded guilty to the charges. 

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6. Sentenced to jail time

Because this wasn't her first offense, Tala is facing some serious repercussions. She was picked up for a DUI in 2013 as well and her license was suspended for two years. She also faced charges of careless driving in 2010 and inconsiderate driving in 2004. This time around, she owes $6,400 in fines, she'll lose her license for four years and she'll have to spend three weeks in jail. 


Let's hope Tala takes Uber next time she goes out for a night of fun. 

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