3 New Moon In Scorpio Rituals To Do On October 28th To Embrace Your Dark Side

It's just a matter of perception.

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Light and dark are not inherently good or evil. How you use each determines which side of the fence you are on. After all, there are many "lightworkers" who scam people, and many "shadow workers" who help you embrace your shadow and become a vibrant and whole individual.

That's what this new moon in Scorpio is all about: realizing there's nothing evil or bad about your shadow side, because it's up to you to decide how you want to express it.


So, to give your zodiac sign a chance to embrace their dark side and become whole again, here are three Scorpio new moon rituals you can do on October 28th. Because healthy people attract healthy partners and create healthy relationships. And you want that, don't you?

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1. Take responsibility for your actions.

This is an intense journaling exercise that will help you understand, forgive, or heal from traumatic experiences, betrayals, and heartbreaks. You will need at least 30 minutes of quiet time to do this. So transport yourself to a place that fits this bill before you start.

To begin, create two columns on a fresh sheet and title them as "My Responsibility" and "Their Responsibility." Then, list out how you might have contributed to the problem and how they contributed to it.

The point of this exercise is to be rational, so don't take responsibility for things you cannot control, like people and circumstances. But make sure to take responsibility for things you did out of your own free will, like ignoring red flags, being passive-aggressive, or going against your gut instincts.

Once you are done, ask yourself what you think about this particular situation and person now. Have you changed your mind about it? What lesson was life trying to teach you through it? What are you going to do if you encounter a similar situation or person in the future?


Tip: Light a frankincense incense stick and place it close to you before you start writing. The smoke will create a bubble of peace and mental clarity around you.

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2. Explore your sensual side.

Scorpio energy is all about exploring what's considered taboo by society. Because most of the time, taboo subjects have nothing taboo about them. It's just ignorance and prejudice that makes them so.

So, explore your sensual side and reclaim it as a natural part of being human. Show yourself some love. And be as graphic as you please. You could even go lingerie shopping!

Just remember: this ritual is for you. So choose what you would love to wear, not what your partner would prefer.


3. Play the villain.

This ritual is a great way to let your shadow come out to the fore in a safe and fun way. And you don't have to be a professional actor or theatre enthusiast to pull it off with panache.

All you have to do is find yourself some alone time in a room that doesn't echo or have thin walls, and then lock the door to prevent people from barging in while you are play-acting. Then, create an imaginary scenario and be the villain in that scene, complete with dialogues and movement.

Don't reenact real-life scenarios. That could have disastrous consequences. Instead, choose a fantastical story, complete with faeries, elves, and space stations, and be the villain in it. Your story could also be inspired by your favorite TV series or movie, from any genre.


Now, since you are playing the villain here, you must give free rein to your shadow. So be as nasty or violent as you want to be. You aren't going to hurt anyone through this. Instead, you will feel empowered and might even end up befriending your shadow over time... provided you do this new moon ritual every so often.

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Valeria Black is a freelance writer who reads Tarot cards in her free time.