Meet Florence Pugh — British Actress Who's Allegedly Zach Braff's Girlfriend

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Who Is Florence Pugh? New Details On Zach Braff's Girlfriend

Zach Braff was seen looking super-cozy at a Whole Foods in Hollywood with actress Florence Pugh. The couple — and they very much looked like a couple — hit the grocery store together earlier this week. At 44, Braff is more than 20 years older than his new lady love. Florence, 23, is starring in The Secret Ingredients of Rocket Cola, a film that is set to be directed by Braff. He also directed her in the short film In the Time It Takes To Get There. Who is Florence Pugh, Zach Braff's girlfriend?

1. She's from Oxfordshire, England

Florence Pugh was born January 3, 1996 in Oxfordshire, England. Her father Clinton is a restaurant owner in Oxford. Her mother Deborah is a dancer and dance teacher. She spent part of her childhood in Andalusia, Spain. She has three siblings and two of them are also in the entertainment industry — actor and musician Toby Sebastian and stage actress Arabella Gibbins.

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2. She's gifted with accents

Pugh beacame well-known for her talent with different accents. This is something she's been good at since she was six years old and a young actress in the Cokethrope Juniors. She was cast as Mary in the Christmas nativity play. She chose to depict Mary with a strong Yorkshire accent. This led to more lead roles in school plays. 

3. Film and television roles

Pugh made her film debut in 2014's The Falling. In 2016, she gained attention for her performance in the indie film Lady Macbeth. She also appeared in Outlaw King on Netflix, and in Midsommar and Fighting With My Family. She's starring in Greta Gerwig's remake of Little Women as Amy March and she will appear opposite Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow in 2020. 

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4. She's nominated for a BAFTA

Florence Pugh is nominated for a BAFTA for Best Actress in a Film for her role as queen consort Elizabeth de Burgh in Netflix's Outlaw King.

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5. How long have they been dating?

Braff and Pugh were first spotted out and about holding hands in mid-April, so they've been romantically linked for at least six months. An eyewitness at Whole Foods reported that the couple was in good spirits, laughing and joking around and clearly infatuated with each other. 

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6. Braff's relationships

Braff's high-profile relationships include Mandy Moore. Braff and Moore dated for two and a half years from 2004 to 2006. He most recently dated model Taylor Bagley from 2009 to 2014. He hasn't been linked to anyone since that split, until now. 

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