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Meet The Man Demi Moore Had An Affair With The Night Before She Married Freddy Moore

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Who Is Paul Carafotes? Meet The Man Demi Moore Had An Affair With The Night Before She Married Freddy Moore

Demi Moore’s new memoir, Inside Out, offers no shortage of juicy details — and the gossip just keeps coming! The biggest reveal involved intimate details from her relationship with Ashton Kutcher where she alleges that threesomes were a frequent occurrence in their relationship. She also alleges that Kutcher’s cheating led to the ultimate downfall of their relationship. As if this wasn’t bad enough, readers also learned that Demi’s mother solicited her daughter to a man for $500 in exchange for having sex with Demi. 

Another bit of juicy information Demi shared in her memoir was a bit tricky to uncover because she kept the person involved in her affair under wraps. In the book, Demi revealed on the night before her wedding to rocker Freddy Moore, she cheated on her soon-to-be husband with an unnamed actor. From the few detaisl she provided, Internet sleuths were able to piece together Demi’s timeline, leading them to speculate if the actor in question was Paul Carafotes. After rumors circulated, Paul came forward and confirmed the rumors were true.

It's unclear if Paul and Demi continued their affair or stayed in touch following the affair but we do know one thing is true: Demi went ahead with marrying Freddy. Over the years, it can be assumed Demi and Paul went their separate ways.

Here's what we know about Paul Carafotes:

1. Demi climbed into Paul's window to see him that night.

“Yes, I’m the actor she was referring to,” the 56-year-old told Radar exclusively. “We were having an affair. I was 21, starring in my second feature. She was 18, and this was her first.”

“I told her I was tired and going to bed, but she was persistent,” he recalled. “I told her if she wanted to come over, I’d leave my kitchen window open, but she’d have to climb the fire escape. Next thing I know, I’m being woken up — Demi is standing over me with a bottle of Dom Pérignon saying, ‘Let’s party!’ She was wild. We were all that time,” Paul detailed.

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2. In the memoir, Demi kept her description of Paul super-brief.

Yet clever people on the Internet werestill  able to decipher who matched the small details of Demi’s description — leading them to Paul.

The excerpt from her memoir reads: “The night before we got married, instead of working on my vows, I was calling a guy I’d met on a movie set. I snuck out of my own bachelorette party and went to his apartment,”

Readers were able to piece together Demi’s timeline leading them to the movie she would have made at the time, which guided them to the likely prospect.


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3. Demi and Paul were in the movie Choices together

In 1981, Demi and Paul shared the screen together for the movie Choices. The movie depicted Paul as a partially-deaf high school football player trying to fit in. Demi played his love interest. According to IMDB, users have given the movie a 2-star rating. Ouch.

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4. Demi and Freddy Moore were married for five years

Freddy Moore and Demi Moore were married for 5 years. They dated for 9 months after getting together in August 1979; they married in February 1980. Five years later, they divorced.

5. Paul Carafortes has quite the resume

According to IMDB, Carafortes has been in 45 movies/TV shows and is best-known for his roles in Mindhunter (2017), Damages (2007) and Fight Club (1999).

6. Paul wishes Demi nothing but the best

Paul had nothing but kind words to say about Demi and is happy to see her doing better. “I’m so happy she has found sobriety,” he said. “I did as well — I’m celebrating 17 years this month. But I’ll never forget Demi. She has something special, a glint in her eye,” he revealed to InTouch Weekly.

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