Meet Demi Moore's Mom Virginia Guynes — Plus Demi's Explosive Claims Against Her In New Memoir 'Inside Out'

This story is really sad.

Who Is Demi Moore's Mom? New Details On Virginia Guynes And Demi's Claims She Was Raped And Mom Was Paid $500 For It Instagram

Demi Moore didn't hold anything back when writing her memoir Inside Out, including the fact that she was raped at 15 and her claim that her mother was paid $500 by her rapist. Wait, what? In an interview with Good Morning America, Moore said that she didn't think her mom intended for her to be raped but that she did put teenage Demi in the path of harm. Demi moved out of her mother's home the following year. Who is Demi Moore's mom? 


1. A volatile home life

As we reported recently, Demi Moore was present when her mother, Virginia Guynes, attempted to commit suicide by taking a bunch of pills. In fact, she claims she was the one who dug the pills out of her mother's throat. She has called this the end of her childhood and innocence. She was 12 years old at the time.


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2. They were estranged for years

I'm old enough to vaguely remember the scandal when Demi's mom posed nude for a seedy magazine in the early 1990s. In the pictorial, Guynes recereated Demi's iconic Vanity Fair cover — she was pregnant and naked on the cover of the magazine. Guynes also posed in a way that suggested Demi's role in Ghost when she was sitting at the pottery wheel. 



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3. She was an alcoholic

Demi has had her own struggles with alcoholism over the years. She writes about her mother's alcoholism in her memoir. In fact, the beginning of Demi's estrangement from her mother was when Virginia left a rehab treatment program in 1990 before completing the program. 


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4. She took Demi to bars when she was a kid

In her memoir, Demi reveals her mom took her to bars with her regularly. Demi claims her mother thought her presense would attract men. In Inside Out, Demi also wrote that when she dropped out of high school at 16 and moved in with a man, her mother didn't care. 



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5. She passed away in 1998

Virginia Guynes died on July 2, 1998 of cancer. She was 54. She had a brain tumor. She had the tumor for at least a year prior to her death. At the time of her death she was a resident of New Mexico. She was survived by her daughter Demi, her son Morgan Guynes and her grandchildren Scout, Rumer, and Tallulah Willis and Oliver and Cooper Guynes.


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6. Demi and her mom reconciled before her death

Demi and her daughters moved to Farmington, New Mexico three months before her mom died. She was there for her in her final days, ostensibly putting aside all the drama and bad blood between her and her mom in those final months. 

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