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Demi Moore's Brother Spent Time In Prison For Brutally Attacking Girlfriend

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Who Is Demi Moore's Brother? New Details On James Harmon Who Spent Time In Prison For Brutally Beating Up Girlfriend

Demi Moore’s memoir Inside Out continues to drop bombshells about her life, family, and relationships. We can’t get enough. The latest juicy tidbit concerns one of her brothers and the time he spend behind bars for a violent attack. To be clear, Demi has three brothers. Charles and James Harmon are the sons of her biological dad who left her mother, Virginia, before Demi was born. Virginia then married Dan Guynes when Demi was three months old. She considers him her father. Virginia and Dan had a son, Demi’s third brother, Morgan Guynes. 

Here’s what’s really interesting though, for all the dirt Demi dishes in her memoir – I mean, we now know she and Ashton had threesomes — there’s one thing she leaves conspicuously out: her brother James Harmon. 

Who is Demi Moore’s brother?

1. Demi’s family tree

First, let’s outline the Harmon/Guynes family dynamic. Moore was born on November 11, 1962. Her biological father was in the Air Force. Charles Harmon, Sr. was married to Virginia King for two months when he left her. Demi had not yet been born. Demi’s mom then married Dan Guynes when she was three months old. She found out that Guynes wasn’t her biological father when she was 13 and found her mom and dad’s marriage certificate. She put two and two together since they had been married in 1963 and she was born in 1962. She does not have a relationship with her biological father, who has two sons, Charles Jr. and James. James was born in 1973. 

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2. James Craig Harmon

Demi Moore does not talk about James Craig Harmon in her memoir Inside Out. It seems she’d rather forget him. And she’s right there. Harmon is a bad character. Tasha Marie Lee was beaten savagely by James Harmon in 2005. Radar reports she said, “I begged for my life. I really thought I was going to die."

3. Tasha Marie Lee

Tasha Marie Lee is a nurse who dated James Harmon in 2005. He began hitting her two months into their relationship. She continued to date him for about a year. Then one night in October, the couple argued at a Houston, Texas nightclub. They left the club to return to a roadside motel. They went to sleep. Sometime later, Tasha woke up to Harmon on top of her, hitting her. She said: “I woke up with him on top of me, hitting me. He had a knife. He grabbed it and told me, ‘If you want to be a whore I’ll treat you like a whore,’ and then he cut my pants, then cut my face and my hands. The more I tried begging him to stop the worse it got.” Lee said that Harmon beat her for so long that he had to take breaks from time to time to catch his breath. He also used the telephone in the room to beat her.

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4. His sentence

James Harmon was arrested in December 2005 for the brutal beating of his girlfriend Tasha Marie Lee. He was convicted in December 2006. Harmon was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the attack. He served eight years and was released in 2013. 

5. He tormented her from prison

James Harmon is allegedly a white supremacist. He continued to contact Tasha from prison. In an interview with Radar in 2015, she said: "As soon as he got into prison, he was asking me to send him information about the Aryan Brotherhood. I refused. I was really young, so I've grown up a lot. I was broken, I was lost, and luckily I survived."

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6. His relationship with his (and Demi’s) father

Tasha Lee said that she holds James Harmon’s father Charles partly responsible for his violent ways. Harmon also had past drug convictions at the time Lee dated him. She said of his father, “His dad, Demi’s dad, encouraged James to surround his life with booze, girls and drugs. I saw him do crack cocaine, he would talk about heroin — everything.”

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