The Masked Singer Spoilers: Who Is The Eagle?

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The Masked Singer Spoilers: Who Is The Eagle? Instagram 

Are you ready to rock out...with your Eagle out? Well my friends you better be, because it's September, and you know what that means? It means that it is nearly time for season two of the viral Fox sensation, The Masked Singer! So, you're probably wondering, where does an Eagle fit into all of this? Well, the Eagle is just one of the many contestants competing in spectacular costumed disguises on this reality singing competition and we've got The Masked Singer spoilers: Who is the Eagle right here!


Fans of the show already know how it works, but just in case you were busy with activities under rocks and are only just now rejoining us on the surface, let me refresh you: The Masked Singer has been around for a while, if you happen to live in South Korea. Now, it's finally got its own American version, but the rules have stayed the same: Costumed and disguised celebrities compete against each other in a battle of song. The loser reveals their identity, the winner goes on the remain a mystery for another day! The only clues provided are riddles and their singing voices!

Season 2 is rumored to be even more challening than the first season, and that's nothing to sniff at! The clues provided last season were so intense that they had even the celebrity judges totally baffled. Speaking of celebrity judges, the folks we know and love from season 1 are all coming back: Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke. The show loves to bring on guest judges, so expect to see plenty of them including Anthony Anderson who has already been announced. 


This season, the clues are going to be tougher, but the judges as of right now don't seem very intimidated. While the beginning of the first season was a challenge for many of them, it sounds like cast knows that they have found their footing. “We feel we hit a stride at the end of the season, then seeing it back it all makes sense to us. Now we’ll be able to go in there with big smiles and a little competitive spirit to be the one who tries to up the other panelists," said judge Robin Thicke. 

There are plenty of fascinating costumed characters this season, but the Eagle has been drawing several eyes! That brings us to our point: who is the Eagle? We're going to round up the clues, breakdown what the judges might think, and lay out our best guesses of who could be hiding their fame behind a mask. Who is the Eagle? 

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1. Clues

"The competition will be saluting me." Hmmm, patriotic? 

The wardrobe for the eagle was designed by the star inside! Bret Michaels is known for his red bandana and his love of motorcycles and fringe has been well-established

"If you know an eagle's body temperature, you'll be hot on my tail." That would be 106 degrees, but what could that mean?

2. Judge Guesses

The judges are going to be extra-careful when it comes to making this guesses this go 'round, especially now that they are aware of all the people who are responding to even the most casual guess they make by rioting on social media. Will the patriotic angle throw them, or could they be honing in on something important in the clues that the rest of us missed? We'll have to wait and see! 


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3. Other Guesses

Many people suspect that the country vibe, the patriotism, the bandana all point to one person and one person only: Willie Nelson. It's definitely a possibility! The singer has worn fringe and picking an Eagle as his costume seems like something Willie might do. Something that Willie would probably not do? Appear on the Masked Singer, methinks. 

Let's all say it together: Bret Michaels! From the bandana, to the fringe, the swagger in the walk, to the motorcycle, to the fact that he lives in Arizona, all of these things seem to making it very clear that the Poison frontman is truly the man hiding underneath all of that fringe and all of those feathers. 

4. Best Guess

Guys, it has to be Bret Michaels. I feel it in my bones! It seems like that while there other possibilities, all of them pale beside the grandeur of Michaels. Yes, I am a Poison fan from back in the day but I promise you I am only letting that color my assessment a very little bit. Okay maybe more than a little bit BUT COME ON! 


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