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The Masked Singer Spoilers: Who Is The Ice Cream?

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The Masked Singer Spoilers: Who Is The Ice Cream?

It's now the second season of the hit Fox show, The Masked Singer, and the producers of the show promise that it will be trickier than ever to find out "the man behind the mask." Based on the popular South Korean competition show, King of Mask Singer, the American version of the show is proving to be just as popular as its Korean progenitor. That's why we're doing a whole series on the Masked Singer spoilers: who is the Ice Cream and who are all the other contestants. The show and trying to guess who's behind the masks is just too much fun.

But the interesting thing about The Masked Singer this season is that the creators have promised to make it "even trickier" than it was last year. 

"The Fox celebrity singing competition returns for Season 2 Wednesday (8 EDT/PDT) to greater scrutiny and anticipation as producers promise a higher level of singing talent, better music choices and flashier, dare we say eggs-quisite, costumes. Success means a bigger, bolder show, as "Singer" goes from 12 to 16 celebrity contestants and from nine to 12 competition hours (including a two-hour opener and a Christmas-themed episode), along with set upgrades, such as "a new swanky-pants digital floor," executive producer Izzie Pick Ibarra said to USA Today. 

So now that we're in the second season, fans of The Masked Singer are dying to know: who is the Ice Cream?

Let's take a look at what we know about the possibilities of the man — or woman! — behind the mask.

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1. The Clues

The biggest clue is, of course, the ice cream costume itself, which references candy. So, the possible singer may be tied to candy, or ice cream, somehow. Another clue, according to Cinema Blend, lies in the description of the ice cream itself, in which it's revealed that the ice cream was born on February 14th. 

2. The Judges' Guesses

The judges — who, for the second year in a row, include Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, and Robin Thicke — are known for their wild and outrageous guesses, perhaps to keep the viewers engaged.

Despite the judge's best guesses, the Ice Cream was revealed to be someone completely out of left field. YouTube personality and gamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. And, according to Entertainment Weekly, the judges had a very interesting way of recruiting him. "They got in touch with us via email. It had a code name and everything. They are super secretive about it, which I absolutely love. I had to think about it with my wife. We love the show and we really liked season 1. But I don’t sing in front of people! I told my wife the second we got it that I’d do it because I knew she loves it so much, but a week later I was officially, okay I’ll do it. I committed mentally," he said. 

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3. Other Guesses

There are a few fan theories that seem to hold water. 

According to The Inquisitr, a fan has deduced that actor Freddie Highmore is the man behind the ice cream mask. Their rationale is two-fold: Highmore was born on Valentine's Day (though he's far from the only actor to be born on that infamous day), and he had a role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he was younger. (The ice cream — the candy — get it?)

But according to E! News, another fan believes that the ice cream is Neil Patrick Harris. Like the rationale behind Freddie Highmore, the rationale behind Neil Patrick Harris is two-fold: one, ice cream is a dairy product, which is a reference to Harris' character on How I Met Your Mother. Two, Harris proposed to his husband, David Burtka, on Valentine's Day. Additionally, unlike Highmore, Harris has a musical theater background, so he'd probably be more interested in singing than Highmore. 

4. Best Guess

The fan theory about the Ice Cream being Freddie Highmore is a little off. Based on the Ice Cream's video, he seems to be based in California and has an American accent — and Highmore is British. 

There seems to be some weight behind the Neil Patrick Harris guess, however, that may not be exactly right either. Remember, the clue is, "I live for half of February," which suggests that he may be best known for love songs. The second clue is that he's "made of sugar and dairy," which suggests he may be best known for being kind. 

This writer, though, thinks that the person behind the mask may not be a "he" at all. In fact, the Ice Cream may be a "she"! 

Specifically, the Ice Cream may be Sarah McLachlan. To wit:

1. Sarah McLachlan is known for love songs. 

2. Sarah McLachlan has a sweet personality. 

3. Sarah McLachlan has a song called "Ice Cream." 

Not saying it's a definite — just saying it's a strong possibility. 

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